Friday, June 26, 2009

June 26: International Day in Support of Victims of Torture (and Farrah & MJ of course)


I am aware that last night the news of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson passing away turned the world upside down.

But I would really like to keep on posting the following as the very first piece of information on this post today:

International Day in Support of
Victims of Torture

That being said, I don't deny the huge impact of Farrah and MJ's deaths on people last night.

CNN completely changed its home page!
Twitter almost crashed last night. So did Google.
It's news, I get it.

The news of the favorite Angel who fought cancer for quite some time came as a sad expectation, but MJ's plans for a series of 50 comeback concerts made it a little bit more difficult for audiences (and media) to cope with his death.

In the midst of all the fans mourning their idol and others who wouldn't usually care about the King of Pop still finding a sudden affection for the fallen star, some (a few maybe) contemplated the global reaction and had another opinion on the subject. Whether you liked him or not, everyone had something to say about MJ's death, unsurprisingly of course. Someone on Facebook even compared yesterday's events to Lady Di and Mother Theresa dying on the same day. Not to sound like a bitch, and it's kind of disgusting to badmouth the dead, but come on, the comparison is a bit far fetched. What Mother Theresa and even Lady Di gave to the world in terms of humanitarian efforts does not compare. Anyway, we all make mistakes and if there is a God waiting for us in the afterlife, may he have mercy on us all and our souls rest in peace.

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