Saturday, April 28, 2012

If great minds think alike,


Great hearts do alike.

I love it when good people, people I love, join forces to do something really powerful. Something not just for them. Something that has the potential of improving so many other lives. 

As I had posted earlier this week, my sister who works in Cancer research, will be running the Course des Héros in Paris, this coming June. 

My Super N

She sent out a call to all her friends and acquaintances to give her a hand in collecting the 300 Euros she needed to raise to be eligible to run in the race alongside her colleagues from the Association pour la Recherche sur le Cancer - ARCShe got them in less than a week! Which was wonderful news. And which meant the people around us are really kind and generous and give us the power to do even more. 

So my super-sister pushed the challenge further and committed to get even more donations. Let's hope she makes it. And she will if you would support her any way you can and help us spread the word!

A note to readers who live in France: your donations are tax-deductible.

Useful links and info:

We are very grateful to all the generous supporters, including our one and only Cupcake Box! If you have not heard of this wonderful initiative, make sure you take a look over here ;) 

Super N Donations Page

And while we are on the topic... We were so glad to find out Cupcake Box had partnered with The Nawaya Network this month and we are as excited about next month's partner: One Wig Stand :) Did I say how much I love it when good people, people I love, join forces to do something really powerful? ;)

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Super-Sister, or: A call to all my Frenchies & all my big-hearted readers!

English ✮ Français

I don't think I have told you before, but we have a superhero in the family. I am actually related by blood to Wonder Woman. Or something/one that looks like Wonder Woman. 

Super N gives it all to fight Cancer!

And she is committing to run 6 kilometers at the Course des Héros taking place in Paris on June 17 to help raise funds for cancer research. It would be awesome if you would support her efforts and her team from the Association pour la Recherche sur le Cancer - ARC any way you can, whether with donations (tax deductible in France only) or by sharing the donation page.

Useful links and info:

Oh, and an inside story just for you: it is really my sister in a cardboard hand-made (or should I say hand-cut) Wonder Woman costume! Or at least, the crown, belt and most importantly super-fancy red boots are! I am pleased to report the latter will be on their way to my feet this summer. Thank you.


Je disais donc, en anglais, que ma petite sœur est en fait une Super-Heroine. Si, si, je vous assure, elle a même le costume pour le prouver. 

Super N et le Cancer: un combat de titans!

Son ennemi? Le cancer. Elle va l'affronter lors de la Course des Héros et s'engage à courir 6 kilomètres ce 17 juin. Le but? Soutenir l'Association pour la Recherche sur le Cancer - ARC. Par quels moyens? En rassemblant le plus de volontaires possible. Toi aussi, fidèle lecteur, tu peux faire partie de cette équipe au gros coeur en donnant quelques sous sur ce site (réduction fiscale déduite des impôts, en France uniquement) ou tout simplement en faisant passer le message.

Liens et informations utiles:

Pour la petite histoire, il s'agit bien de ma sœurette sur la photo, en costume en carton fait-main! Ou du moins la couronne, la ceinture et les super bottes rouges! C'est dans ces dernières que mes pieds frimeront cet été. Merci bien.

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Friday, April 13, 2012

Sorry seems to be the hardest word…


Apologies my dear, faithful reader, I know you feel left out; and rightfully so. Yet, my disappearance has nothing to do with you. I hate to use clichés here, but truly: it is not you, it is me. Involuntarily, no doubt. Still, I take the blame. 

The truth of the matter is, I am incarcerated in Mommyland. It breaks my heart you have been losing sleep over my absence however some things cannot be helped. Perpetuity is indeed a long time, but thank God I do get a day out every once in a while, on probation of course. So here I am, at your service, for an hour or so. 

I could give you a double bill of rantings: one on Mia and one on Jad. I could talk bottles, milk, diapers and colics. Paracetamol, antibiotics, syrup and suppositories. I could throw in some sleep depravation somewhere. But I refuse to use this time nagging. 

What I will do instead is volunteer a few hints of what you can while you wait for my next day out ;)

Beirut's cultural scene is buzzing these days, so here's how you can enjoy interesting art events and why not, even do your share of good deeds. 

The line up compiled for your eyes only has something to please everyone: fine arts, performing arts, film screenings and even a little activism because well, there are some things worth nagging for over, and over, and over. 

So, currently running at the UNESCO Palace until April 15, an exhibition coming all the way from Switzerland by Lebanon-born painter Sayed Yammine.

Sayed Yammine UNESCO Expo (invitation)

All the details are available on Facebook, and for those who would like to get to know the artist a little more, here is an interview where he introduces his latest work and the subjects of his Beirut Exhibition:

Moving on to movie lovers now, with the screening of "Meet Me Halfway", the documentary produced by The Nawaya Network. Learn more about this awesome NGO and the people behind it on April 17 at the AUB. All the event details are available on Facebook.

And cherry on top: Cupcake Box will also be there, supporting this event! Yum!

May is also looking good so mark your calendars because on the 6th Maz Jobrani is returning to Beirut, with a cause! Tickets are on sale at Virgin Megastore and all proceeds will go to SANAD, a wonderful organization that provides care for terminally ill patients and their families in Lebanon.

Photo Credit: Maz Jobrani

And last but definitely not least, and also on May 6, The Lebanese Laïque Pride will take Beirut's streets by storm for the third consecutive year. Be there! The protest details are all available on Facebook.

Photo Credit: Lebanese Laique Pride

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