Tuesday, June 14, 2011

boys & their toys... babes & their BRAbes


No I don't need another title. This one works just fine, thank you! 

  • Yes, that's the number of months in a year.
  • It's the number of hours in our conventional clock system.
  • It's also the number of Astrological signs in the Zodiac.
  • Or one very important type of Vitamin B.
  • Jesus had that many Apostles.
  • And Hercules had that many Labours.
  • It's the usual number of jurors on a Jury who eventually turn into Twelve Angry Men.
  • For some reason, Will Shakespeare decided to immortalize that particular Twelfth Night.
  • It's the number of monkeys in an excellent movie.
  • Lazy couch potatoes, who are a reference on the subject, will confirm it's the only right amount of beer per purchase, because buying a single six-pack is simply ridiculous.
  • It's that magical age when your annoying baby brother finally stops being such a brat! Or not. And that's why you shouldn't believe in magic.

Don't waste your time and count, yes, that's 11 random useless facts right there! 
But the 12th, well the 12th is noteworthy because:

  • Most importantly right now, 12 is the number of days remaining until JUNE 26.

And to get you in the mood, Bras for a Cause has teamed up with our very own and super-talented Maya Zankoul to create a version of her Zankoulizer just for Bras.

You have got to try it!


It will, without a doubt, put you in the mood to finally start sketching that awesome design you've been dying to execute!

But don't go before taking your bookmarks with you:

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I've got to level with you. I'm no designer. And this event has prompted me to finally use Illustrator for the first time. Not a bad thing, I might add. 

But I may have fixated on the original meaning of "illustrate" ("to shed light on") while I believe Illustrator might have been created with the purpose "to add pictures to".

Basically, what I've done qualifies more as a "Wordator" creation.

So fear not! 
There's no way you can do worse ;)

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