Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Hair we go!


Back in September, I heard the most wonderful news on FacebookOne Wig Stand announced the launch of their hair donation program. I pledged then that I would not have a cut before I could be back in Lebanon and do it with them.

But let's face it, my head is in desperate need of styling and I cannot tell you how frustrated I felt not to be able to be in Lebanon before Spring. Or even, argh... Summer! But a pledge's a pledge. So I manned up and waited.

Well guess what! I saw a recent post on  Facebook with a donation from Jordan. Turns out I can do it from anywhere in the world! We all can ;) 

That was amazing news, obviously. My hair nodded with appreciation.

So here's the deal, with the holidays approaching, I will be waiting a few more weeks just to get it a little longer and I will have my hair cut, all documented and photographed some time between Christmas and New Year.

What better time right? It would be a nice thing to do this time of year, I would get a brand new head for 2013 (to go along with my never-happening-resolution-list) and I would keep up with my pledge. Hey, I might even get inspired to get that resolution list on track, who knows?

So how will I do it?

All the instructions are well detailed on One Wig Stand, so really, there is no hassle. 

I will keep you posted on how it goes of course, and expect photos and a testimonial as soon as we snip  everything away ;)

So are you game? 
Take the pledge and get a new head for 2013!

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