Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Humans, Curiosity & the Magic of CGI


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A few weeks ago, I was approached by ABL Digital to discover their latest release: a CGI simulator that allows viewers to unveil the behind-the-scene computer animations behind TV commercials. Naturally, I was intrigued as most post-production companies would rather keep the "magic" hidden and the "tricks" top secret. So when they offered me the opportunity to share with you their simulator, I could not resist! This is the commercial they had originally created for STC's QITAF:

Without further ado, I leave you with ABL's latest discovery. Note that you can watch a video of how the simulator works but also operate the simulator yourself by checking their web application. Enjoy!


Humans and Curiosity reveal a World of Pure CGI 

Have you ever wondered how TV commercials are done?

ABL is about to launch an interactive video that unveils the secrets and techniques of the making. 

Humans and curiosity: They go way back. 

Come on, let’s admit it, we always want to know

How? What? Who? And when? 

Well, we can shed some light and help uncover some of life's mysteries.

How would you like to know how "Qitaf diamonds", one of our latest TVCs, came to life?

Promise! We won't be wasting your time with the usual making of, a Director saying "Action", or people running around trying to look busy on set.

Come along with us to the world of pure CGI, where we uncover the detail behind what your eye is seeing...

Lazy? Choose our "auto pilot mode":

For those more curious and compelled, experience the "full interactivity mode" via our web app where you can move the cursor and choose which part of the frame you want to unveil and know exactly "how it was made"!

    Enjoy the ride into our virtual fascinating 3D world!


About the Contributor/Author: ABL DIGITAL is a post-production facility based in Athens, Greece and with offices in Beirut, Lebanon. It's the meeting place for filmmakers and producers, from TV commercials, feature films, short films, documentaries, TV series and music video. It offers superior, professional service and follow up, experienced team and creative artists. ABL Digital Beirut created the TV commercial featured in this post, as well as the Computer Generated Imagery simulator, a breakthrough in the Middle East. 

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