Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coucou :)


I've been away for a while dealing with some personal stuff. Nothing tragic (yet). I believe everything is manageable (to a certain extent) and the most ironic trait of human beings must be their ability to move on, no matter how bad things may seem. Thank God for that.

Today is April 1st.

No I will not prank you here!

I'm sure you've had enough pranks all around the web and maybe even in real life, so I'll spare you ;)

However, I will share with you may very first morning thought:
❝Prank day! Let's see... What's the most prankish prank someone can pull? Well, "I'm pregnant" comes to mind! Sure. Classic. [Pause] Aha, OK, so basically this is the kind of prank a 16 years old may tell her parents and drive them to the verge of a heart attack... But for a 31 years old woman who's had two miscarriages and family and friends just waiting to hear these three magical words again... It's just plain cruel.❞

I don't know what I was thinking!
So I moved on to the next most obvious joke... What? Didn't have much time to brainstorm! This is what I get for not waking up early! ;)