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Hubby: I’ve decided not to get a porsche anymore.
Me: aha.
Hubby: Instead, when you go back to work, you can gift me one.
Me: …
15 Feb 2012

What is it with companies that advertise vacancies online and request CVs to be sent to a Gmail address? At least have a company email.

See? I don't ONLY bitch, sometimes I am happy about stuff :)) 
Previous Tweet: I just ♡ @CMChospital. Every time we visit their ER, the next day we get a call from a quality assurance officer to ask us how it went!

Mom found my university IDs. Apparently I was one angry student. More and more as the years passed it seems. The photos look like mugshots!

Hubby says I've to stop expecting people to be perfect. Fine. Is it acceptable to expect them not to be psychotic lying whores?

I love it when people I have never worked with, much less even met, ask me to endorse them on LinkedIn...

♡ #Lebanon ♡ #Rain and thunder in #Beirut :) My fav' kind of weather when I'm warm and cosy at home ☂ Just hope the internet won't die on me ;)
30 Jan 2012

They said “The chocolates are off-limits”. Now all I can think of is “I MUST HAVE THE FORBIDDEN CHOCOLATES”. Your Mission, should you choose to accept it: At night, when everybody’s sleeping, sneak out of bed, find the forbidden chocolates, hijack the forbidden chocolates, eat the forbidden chocolates very quickly. In the morning, deny everything. This tumblr will self-destruct in five seconds. Challenge Accepted! (Yes, I’m that insanely wild and adventurous)
25 Jan 2012

It seems there is a #Lebanon consensus (Yay!) ... On Twitter (Ah OK, makes more sense). It's about how much #BeirutHotel sucks.
20 Jan 2012

I'm warning you #Beirut: if one more asshole honks behind my car for no reason, I'm turning Natural-Born-Killers on you! Come on #Lebanon!
20 Jan 2012

WTF #Lebanon! If ppl can't afford to move to another home & if rent isn't enough for bldg owner to do maintenance, where is the government?!
Following the building collapse in Ashrafieh, Beirut - 15 Jan 2012

In ref to: http://bit.ly/yFoDa5 Yes, Disney launched Turkish Desperate Housewives: http://bit.ly/zf3B1C & Arab dubbed version on @mbc4tweets
12 Jan 2012
Previous Tweet: Just noticed the new Turkish drama on @mbc4tweets is actually Desperate Housewives, word for word... In Syrian dialect of course ;)
12 Jan 2012


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