Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bras for a Cause Squad hits again: The secret keeps unraveling


Previously on Bras for a Cause:
Three of the amazing fashion designers dedicating their talent to this event were revealed. 

In tonight's episode:
We're going public with six more names.

Before I go any further, let me just remind everyone that there are categories in the competition that do not require any design background. Anyone is welcome to join the fun and who knows, you might even discover a few things you never  imagined you could do. So don't be afraid! Take a dive with us!

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If you haven't left this blog to start sketching your own design yet it means curiosity has got the best of you. And rightfully so. I won't tease you any longer! Here are the six  fabulous people we're disclosing today:

From where my heart is, Lebanon: Sarah's Bag

From Qatar: Toujouri

From Egypt: Amina Khalil

From Bahrain: Noon by Noor

From my home, Dubai, UAE: Rana Mouawad

And from London, UK: Mia Jafari 

Stay tuned for more amazing names to be revealed throughout the campaign! 

Prepare to be dazzled!

Better yet, why don't you dazzle us? 
Come on people!
Join the Squad!
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(sketch, sketch, sketch... I can hear sketching all over the place!)

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