Saturday, May 14, 2011

bRaVOLUTION for the BRAve!


No, I don't ever get bored of playing on words.
Now that we've got that out of the way, let's proceed with the business at hand.

Bras for a Cause are revealing all!

The five competition categories look amazing! It's going to be interesting not only to see how professional fashion designers and stylists interact with the subject but also how first-timers and people from all walks of life bring their visions to a usually very restricted industry: underwear fashion.

The categories are, as per Bras for a Cause's posts on Facebook:
The "Designer Piece" Bra Category This category is open for established regional designers.

The "Her Bra" Design Category This category is open for all designers interested in designing a bra specifically with the breast cancer survivor in mind. We're lacking pretty, sexy and comfortable options for such specialty bras in the Middle East, so taking part in this category is much-needed! 
The "Everybody Wants Me" Design CategoryThis category is also open for all designers to design the most creative bra for all women in general. Think outside the box and starting thinking about creative designs that will make all women who see it say "I gotta have this bra!" 
The "Training Bra" Category
This category is open for any emerging fashion designer, students and/or anyone with an interest in designing a bra but not yet a professional. A design background is not required for entries for this category and is open for the public at large. 
The "Such a Tee-s" T-Shirt Design CategoryThis category is open for graphic designers, illustrators, and basically anyone who'd like to design a T-shirt dedicated to this cause. Could be a catchy message supporting the cause, bra illustrations or any other creative design on a T-shirt relating to breast cancer awareness.

I personally will attempt at creating one or two t-shirts as the format fits my personality and "design" style (if I may be so bold) a bit more.

A BRA for the BRAve!

I can't wait to see what participants will submit in the category "Her Bra" which carries far more than just the fun of a competition. Of course, just like for the other categories, creativity should be key and I'm sure many will dazzle! But more importantly, it's the little "something" it will bring to these women's lives that matters the most.

Cancer patients are the bravest people I've had the privilege to meet. I've met many. I've lost some; a dear one just six months ago and another one at Easter only a few weeks ago.

All of them have the same courage, the same fire, the same fighting spirit!

They understand life. What it means. The value of being here just one more day.

They truly humble me.
They truly humble us all.

That is why I try to grab any opportunity that comes my way to spread awareness, support or just say a word or two.

That's the least I can do. There's so much more I should do, I know. But with all the silly tiny things that take over our daily lives, I am grateful to events such as Bras for a Cause that help us remember to take a few minutes away from our busy schedules and think.

Just like that, with a simple gesture such as writing a few words or drawing on a t-shirt to bring a little bit more light on an important cause, act and have fun all at once.

So pick up a pen, a piece of paper, a napkin, anything!... And start sketching! ;)

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