Friday, May 13, 2011

Fight the good fights!


I was starting to freak out a little bit but things are back to normal now.

I visited my blog earlier and discovered the last article I had posted about Bras for a Cause had completely disappeared. It was nowhere to be found! Not in my drafts. Not in my posted messages. Nowhere.

Thank God for Google! I found out Blogger experienced some technical issues which led to posts being removed from some blogs. Everything is to be restored in the next few hours. And before I completely lost it, I rejoiced at the sight of a lot to BRAg about! back where it belongs :)

So apologies for all of this :)


I wanted to drop a line today to remind everyone of the Lebanese Laïque Pride happening this Sunday! 
Lebanon! Be there!
We're all counting on you!

Also, Bras for a Cause is revealing every day a new category in their competition so make sure to check their page regularly for updates. And start having fun with your designs!

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