Thursday, May 26, 2011

Rouba's Secret


Victoria, you think you're so special don't you?
Well, I too have a secret, and mine too involves underwear. 

But not just any underwear, underwear with a Purpose.

Earlier today, I received a top secret email:

I'm not supposed to say anything, a secret's a secret.

I won't spill the beans but I'll give you a hint: Bras for a Cause has shared with its ambassadors the names of three of the many top fashion designers participating in this fabulous event. And I say fabulous because there will be some outstanding designs! I had great expectations before but now I am 100% certain Bras for a Cause will wow!

Now I know you're just dying to know who's joining the Cause.
But hey! It's a secret, ok? So stop pushing, my lips are sealed.
Alright, alright, but just because it's you and you know how much I love you:

Can't wait for Bras for a Cause to reveal the other renowned designers participating as well!

Inspired? Good, then join the Glamorous and the Fabulous and don't miss your chance to be part of these outstanding talents' team: the Bras for a Cause squad.

See you there! ;)

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