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Exclusive! CeleBlog: Angelique Sabounjian on Bras for a Cause


When we think "Fashion" our minds immediately jump to "clothing". That's the first thing we think about. And then, for some unknown reason, at least in the case of us women, it takes us about five little seconds to shift to accessories. I will not dwell on the rationale behind that mysterious thinking course, but needless to say I was excited to see Bras for a Cause, just like any refined woman, rallying designers from all walks of Fashion.

It will be really interesting to see how each artist, depending on their line of work, expertise and backgrounds, approaches the challenge. After all, even when it comes to apparels, few labels do lingerie.   

Naturally, when I heard über chic Angelique Sabounjian was on board for both a Bra and a T-shirt design, I could not help but be a little intrigued. Pleasantly intrigued, that is. At the end of the day, her elegant label Tasché does offer the finest leather handbags and accessories, but lingerie and clothing remain unusual creations for her.

So who's on board for some brain picking?

The Designer behind the Brand

Angelique Sabounjian

Name, age, nationality and current country of residence
Angelique Sabounjian; 30 years old; Lebanese/Canadian; Residing in Beirut, Lebanon.

What’s your design background?
Jewelry packaging design and Product design. 

Describe yourself in three words
Patient, Free spirited/unconventional, Humble.

Who’s your favorite designer?

What kind of music inspires you?
Jazz, Classical, Latin jazz.

What’s your favorite movie?
La Dolce Vita, and all Fellini movies, Woody Allen movies, Pedro Almodóvar movies, The curious case of Benjamin Button…among many others.

If you hadn’t been a designer, what profession would you have chosen?
1st choice would be an artist, either a painter or a sculptor. 2nd choice either a chef or sommelier or food and wine critique.

The Brand

Describe your label in three words
High-end, clean cuts, practical.

When did you establish it?

Tasché Original

Who is your target audience?
Women between the ages 16 to 65.

Tell us a little bit about your creative process: how long does it take for you to create a new collection, what inspires you, how do you choose colors, fabrics, themes?
Each collection takes around 1 to 2 months, and I’m inspired by my daily life, everything that surrounds me, people, friends, music, art, architecture, food, books, magazines, movies, and the list is long. I choose the fabrics & colors according to my inspirations. I don’t like to follow a certain trend. Each phase of my life has inspired each of my collections.

Tasché Original

The Event: Bras for a Cause Middle East

Why did you decide to participate?
Because this is one of the many causes that I would love to contribute to.

What did you design, a bra or a t-shirt?

What inspired your design?
The bra’s design was inspired by my handbag designs mixed with an 80’s era style and Jean Paul Gautier’s bra for Madonna.

Tasché Original

Did you take a different approach when designing for cancer survivors (or their supporters) or did you consider them as any other client?
I designed the piece that is easy to use both for cancer survivors and non-cancer fighters.

What role do you think fashion can play in the fight against cancer and empowering cancer survivors?
First of all since most women are interested in fashion it can get through to them more easily and second it empowers cancer survivors by not making them feel like their left out of fashion.

How do you view the Middle East as a fashion platform and audience to your creative vision?
In my opinion it is the place to be a fashion designer because talent and appreciation is at its peak. I’m constantly amazed to see all this talent and creativity in the Middle East it is so inspiring to me hence, for me it’s a way of giving back what I’ve been offered and ‘touched’ by.

Is this event the first time you present your work to Arab audiences? If yes, then what are your expectations and hopes with this first-time participation?
Some of my designs have been displayed in the UAE at Sauce and on Aura B. In KSA and Kuwait, they have been presented to private sales and events. My previous experiences were very positive and welcoming. Bras for a Cause stands out to me personally because it’s dear to my heart and it’s not just a fashion event.

Tasché Original

As you know, there is a category for aspiring designers in the competition. How would you like to inspire young designers through your participation in Bras for a Cause?
It’s an honor for me to be able to inspire young designers, I would want them to believe in themselves and let their creativity spread out.

Following that experience, would you consider expanding on your Bras for a Cause design and creating collections that speak to cancer survivors in the future?
Of course I would love that, because as I mentioned earlier my past background was product design and for me just to be able to design any type of product is pure pleasure, especially if it was going to help a lot of women.

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