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Exclusive! CeleBlog: Joe Challita on Bras for a Cause


That's it. The countdown has started. And what's the best thing we can do as we eagerly wait to finally get a look at those amazing designs?

Take a sneak peak of course!
Yes, that would indeed be very cool; although impossible.

So we've got the next best thing: 

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEWS with the talented artists who promise to make Bras for a Cause an event to remember! That should give us a good enough taste of what's to come and sustain us for a little longer.

Joe Challita is the very first to launch this series of short talks.

Joe Challita New Collection

His reputation precedes him and I was not at all surprised to receive a very grounded, friendly yet highly professional email by the man himself.

Not only did it take him less than 24 hours to get back to me;
Not only did he reply positively and immediately got involved;
Not only did he answer all my questions with honesty and candor;

But he also took the time to get in touch himself and establish that direct contact that turns a celebrity into a "real" person.

Suddenly, he was not some distant artist living in his own far-far-away kingdom anymore (actually, funnily enough in my case, Joe Challita does live in far, far away Australia) he was here, listening, responding and interacting with an audience avid to find out a little bit more about the man behind the beautiful lines and fabulous fabrics.

And so here he is.

The Designer behind the Brand

Name, age, nationality and current country of residence
Joe Challita, 31, Australian/ Lebanese, Sydney
What’s your design background?
Women’s Couture

Describe yourself in three words
Romantic, Dreamy, Spontaneous

Who’s your favorite designer?

What kind of music inspires you?
Instrumental, Latin and Arabic

What’s your favorite movie? 

If you hadn’t been a designer, what profession would you have chosen?
I was a solicitor before : )   

Joe Challita New Collection

The Brand 

When did you establish it?
Describe your label in three words
Luxurious, Avant-garde, Timeless

Who is your target audience? 
Women that  love and appreciate luxury

Tell us a little bit about your creative process: what inspires you, how do you choose colors, fabrics, themes?
I  am inspired by my feelings , travels and certain moments which  become sketches in my notebook, and therefore giving birth to my theme, colors and fabrics


Joe Challita New Collection

The Event: Bras for a Cause Middle East

Why did you decide to participate?
It is important  to give back to the community as it is satisfying to contribute to a good cause

What did you design, a bra or a t-shirt? 
A bra

What inspired your design? 
The bra was designed keeping true to Challita’s couture signature style.
Romantic and feminine, yet structured and sexy, the bra is hand-made with love, inspired by old world glamour.  A vintage feel with a Victorian delicacy and 1950s sensibility are paramount.
The almost sugar-dusted cups, are beaded with sequins, pearls and Swarovski crystals forming a frosted-like sugar concoction inspired by Victorian wedding cakes. The intricate detailing and workmanship enhance the up-market appeal of an exquisite piece of a woman’s under garment.

Did you take a different approach when designing for cancer survivors (or their supporters) or did you consider them as any other client?
I wanted to create a piece of luxury using natural fibres which may become an heirloom rather than a mere bra. One that may be worn on special occasions and one that will conjure special memories.

What role do you think fashion can play in the fight against cancer and empowering cancer survivors?
By considering cancer survivors needs through design and execution, and By promoting further awareness.

How do you view the Middle East as a fashion platform and audience to your creative vision?
The Middle East is giving birth to new big names in the Haute Couture world that are making a statement in Europe with their distinctive style and feminine appeal. Hence, they are most sought after on the red carpet. Middle-Eastern taste and quest for luxury make the Middle East a perfect platform for my creative vision.

Is this event the first time you present your work to Arab audiences? If yes, then what are your expectations and hopes with this first-time participation? If no, could you please share a few words on your previous experience and tell us how Bras for a Cause stands out in your opinion?
No this is not the first time. The Joe Challita label was born in Beirut and our first show was held at the Intercontinental Phonecia in Beirut attended by all the Beiruti gliteratti, media and politicians.  Joe Challita was also invited to represent Lebanon in a show held in Tunisia for an Arabic Fashion Night gala amongst other Middle Eastern Designers, in 2009.  An unforgettable fashion night was held for TIME OUT Beirut celebrating their 25th birthday in Beirut for Fashion TV, with the only show of the Joe Challita label. The Bras for a Cause experience stands out as it is the first time the label embarks on a project for a humane cause, and in which I am very proud of, and will be the first of many to come.

As you know, there is a category for aspiring designers in the competition. How would you like to inspire young designers through your participation in Bras for a Cause?
I would hope to contribute to their thinking of the importance of participating in humane causes, and to take fashion to the next level rather than only for causes that celebrate fashion solely, but also for causes that help humanity. 

Following that experience, would you consider expanding on your Bras for a Cause design and creating collections that speak to cancer survivors in the future? 
The beauty of the Joe Challita label, is that we create exclusive custom-made garments and hence, we are able to cater for all whims and needs! 

Joe Challita New Collection

Joe Challita kindly shared a few photos of his latest collection which he describes as "an ode to spring, inspired by a dewy spring garden. It is a tribute to nature, flowers, exotic blooms and their organic beauty".

Joe Challita New Collection

That poetry is not lost on the fashion master who explains "the collection is made of 100% natural fibres, and unusual fibres such as the rare traditional Phillipino fabric the pina, which is extracted from pineapples and it is beautifully embroidered by hand".

Joe Challita New Collection

The poetic execution of a romantic vision.

Joe Challita New Collection

Inspired and beautiful, these photos have raised my expectations even higher and I can not wait to see this talented artist's creation for Bras for a Cause, undoubtedly exquisite.

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