Tuesday, June 21, 2011



sur-BRA-ise, surprise!

Bras for Cause have announced that the deadline has been extended! So if your designs need tweaking or if you haven't even started yet, you're getting a 4-days extension to the June 26 deadline. 

Mark your calendars:
JUNE 30 it is!

But that's not the only surprise. More fabulous news are coming your way, which I might add, may inspire quite a few. So if you're still unsure whether you should join the BRAS FOR A CAUSE SQUAD or not, take a quick look at who you'd be joining and I'm sure you'll be tilting towards a resounding YES!

Previously revealed designers here and here.
Brace yourself for what's coming, we're uncovering outstanding talents today as well:

Rami Kashou who's been on countless TV shows such as the Tyra Banks Show and most notably, he was a finalist on Bravo's Project Runway. Find him on Facebook.

Tata Naka, acclaimed London Fashion Week label created by identical twins Tamara and Natasha Surguladze whose creations have been notably featured on the iconic TV series Sex and the City. Find them on Facebook.

The Rodnik Band founded by yet another London Fashion Week favorite, UK designer Philip Colbert whose celebrity clients include Queen Rania of Jordan, Karl Lagerfeld and Sienna Miller. Find him on Facebook.

Neon Edge the unconventionally super fun and bright label by Mona Fares. Find her on Facebook.

Sartori Sartori the brand created by British designer Deborah Anne Simcox who invites artists from a variety of genres to merge with her into unique creations for her label. Find them on Facebook.

Domakaya is UK's sensational handmade knitted and crochet family business created by three Lebanese-born sisters and their mother and who give a fabulous touch to traditional items. Find them on Facebook.

Tasché is the elegant and über chic leather accessories label by Angelique Sabounjian. Find her on Facebook.

Alison and Marie is the fantastic accessories brand by Roxanne Alison Peters and Sharon Marie Alder. Find them on Facebook.

Sandra J is the label of young and talented Lebanese designer Sandra Jaffal whose bags have already conquered the likes of Paris and Monaco. Find her on Facebook.

Last but certainly not least on today's list is another talent from Lebanon, Nadine Zeni with whom I have had the pleasure to work in the past. She rocked with her "chocolate dress" at the last Choco'art event in Beirut. Find her on Facebook.

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