Saturday, April 28, 2012

If great minds think alike,


Great hearts do alike.

I love it when good people, people I love, join forces to do something really powerful. Something not just for them. Something that has the potential of improving so many other lives. 

As I had posted earlier this week, my sister who works in Cancer research, will be running the Course des Héros in Paris, this coming June. 

My Super N

She sent out a call to all her friends and acquaintances to give her a hand in collecting the 300 Euros she needed to raise to be eligible to run in the race alongside her colleagues from the Association pour la Recherche sur le Cancer - ARCShe got them in less than a week! Which was wonderful news. And which meant the people around us are really kind and generous and give us the power to do even more. 

So my super-sister pushed the challenge further and committed to get even more donations. Let's hope she makes it. And she will if you would support her any way you can and help us spread the word!

A note to readers who live in France: your donations are tax-deductible.

Useful links and info:

We are very grateful to all the generous supporters, including our one and only Cupcake Box! If you have not heard of this wonderful initiative, make sure you take a look over here ;) 

Super N Donations Page

And while we are on the topic... We were so glad to find out Cupcake Box had partnered with The Nawaya Network this month and we are as excited about next month's partner: One Wig Stand :) Did I say how much I love it when good people, people I love, join forces to do something really powerful? ;)

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