Thursday, May 3, 2012

BEE like Beirut


Beirut is like a beehive this month, so gear up for an excellent May 2012! 

Why don't you Bee Like Beirut too and join all the little ants running around town this month? OK, all the excitement might have got me a little confused. The animal world was never my haven anyway, I hate mosquito bites too much. In any case, ants, bees, mosquitoes, who cares?

What matters is 
it all starts today at Metropolis - Empire (Sofil Center)

Scrapbook: A Month Of Lebanese Cinema, dedicated to films produced locally between 2010 and 20122; for your eyes only. 

Yes, the trailer does not lie, one of our personal favorites, Gate #5 الحوض الخامس will be screening starting May 10. The highly promising program also features:

Scrapbook Program

  • Sector Zero | القطاع صفر by Nadim Mishlawi - Starting May 3 
  • The Three Disappearances of Soad Hosni | اختفاءات سعاد حسني الثلاثة by Rania Stephan - Starting May 17 
  • My Father is still a Communist by Ahmad Ghossein - Starting May 24 
  • It's All Lebanon by Wissam Charaf - Starting May 31 
  • Marcedes | مارسيدس by Hady Zaccak - Starting May 31 
  • Yamo | يامو by Rami Nihawi - Starting June 14 
  • Ok, Enough, Goodbye | طيب، خلص، يلا by Rania Attieh and Daniel Garcia - Starting June 14 

Each film will be screening for 2 weeks and all are in Arabic with English subtitles. Tickets are sold  for 8,000 L.L. and Scrapbook Passes are at 40,000 L.L. Students also benefit from a special discount (5,000 L.L.)

Also this Sunday, May 6, Maz Jobrani will be performing to help raise funds and awareness for SANAD and the seculars of Lebanon will march once again to demand their rights at the The Lebanese Laïque Pride.

Last but not least, I have to end with a quick reminder: my sister is running the Course des Héros taking place this June in Paris in order to collect donations for Cancer Research. Your help is extremely important and highly appreciated so please spread the word, especially to your friends and acquaintances who reside in France, as their donations are tax deductible.


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