Friday, April 17, 2009

Twitter Tips for New Twitter Friends ;-)


Twitter is a platform to share with the world, a few words at a time. So "following" someone is actually being "connected" to that person. "Followers" will receive live updates each time one of the friends they follow posts something new.


They're the short messages you post on your Twitter profile; the words you broadcast to the world :-)

@ABOUZEID... or the magic words :-)

When one of my "followers" or anyone else for that matters types the magic words "@abouzeid" I will automatically have access to the particular post containing these words via my Twitter personal menu (on my home page).

On Twitter, you can only post to your page so when you post a reply, it only appears on your Twitter profile. Not on the page of the person you're replying to.  

Since Twitter broadcasts to the world (unless you're using Direct Messaging) that means that replies will appear in the middle of a million other posts so using the magic words "@abouzeid" will allow me to quickly find replies specifically addressed to me.

That's why when you are  reading a post and you roll over it with your mouse, a small arrow appears on the side. It is the "Reply" arrow. If you click on it, it will automatically add the "@" with the name of the Tweet's owner next to it. That way you can type your reply next to these "magic words" and make sure your recipient will actually view your answer.

Actually, on Twitter, when/if a person has a Twitter profile, you mention them in your posts using the magic words. So if you want to tell everyone you're accompanying me to the next Cannes Film Festival, you simply Tweet "Going to Cannes Film Festival with @ABOUZEID" and there you go, the whole world knows! ;-)

Last but not least, placing the "@" before the person's name turns this name into a link and people can click on it and find themselves on that person's Twitter profile.


That is the whole purpose of Twitter: MORE BROADCASTING. When you read a Tweet you like, you can "forward" it on your profile starting your post with "RT" which stands for "Retwittering". So basically, if let's say you read "Won my first Oscar!" on my profile and you want the whole world to know about it, you simply post 
"RT @abouzeid Won my first Oscar!"
That way people know you are forwarding from @ABOUZEID's profile and that these words were actually @ABOUZEID's Tweet. 

"Retwittering" helps people find new friends, expand everyone's followers list and basically means you're a nice Twitter buddy :-)

So go ahead! Twitter away people!! ;-)

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