Tuesday, April 21, 2009



There's your understatement of the year!! 

Every single day I have to deal with this @#$&$% of a driving school, is a f%^$ed up day gone down the toilet!! I just want to do this stupid exam, hopefully pass and get my license and never have to deal with these people again, ever!! 

For the record, I was very happy this morning. Got up smiling. Made my hubby coffee... Real coffee people, Turkish coffee, not the instant stuff... The house smelled great (because of the coffee, duh!) And enjoyed a few hours of nice, calm "waking up" time. Until.... Until that fatal phone call. I should burn all my phones! They only bring trouble!

My advice to all the young people out there... Even if you don't need a car (like me in my 20s, God I miss the good old days) just get your damn license anyway!! 

I think that going through this at 30, when my patience is not what it used to be (although I think it was always kindda thin) is making this whole experience so much more scarring! Ok, fine, scarring is a bit of an overreaction, but still... I'm mad as hell! :-@

Or is it because I just got my period yesterday and I'm totally hormonal?... 

Anyway, this day sucks (and it hasn't even started yet!!)

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