Tuesday, December 20, 2011

One Wig Stand glams up Christmas!


Charity and Glam. 
What better combination to gear up for the Holidays season?

One Wig Stand is giving all the ladies in Lebanon an opportunity to grab one of the few remaining creations that were designed for Bras for a Cause.  

Hold on.

If you've been meditating in some far away mountain or held captive in a cave by a hungry bear; which are the only two reasonable reasons not to have heard of Bras for a Cause, you are hereby pardoned. After all, 'tis the season to be forgiving. 

Just make sure you get up to speed with the Middle East's biggest Fashion Meets Goodwill event of the year, at least before 2011 ends. And why not, be part of it! 

So redeem yourself properly and pay One Wig Stand a visit tomorrow December 21 or the day after, that is December 22; just being thorough so there's no misunderstanding when you're marking your calendar.

Not only will you meet fantastic people, but you'll also have lots of fun. That's a guarantee. Here's a taste of what awaits you at this year's Christmas Bra-Zaar:

  • Shop for bras in a cozy girlie-girl gathering with nice music, munchies, drinks and other little festive surprises. Chocolate truffles, mini-cupcakes and cookies for all!

  • BRA PRICES AND SIZES: prices are very affordable and range between $18-30. Various sizes available for B to D cups

  • Full proceeds of all bra sales will be donated to regional breast cancer organizations as part of the large-scale Bras for a Cause campaign. 

  • MASTECTOMY BRAS: We'll also be selling mastectomy bras if you know someone who needs one. Trust us, they'll love the sexy designs with comfortable and discreet prosthesis pockets. 

  • BRA FITTINGS: K-Lynn Lingerie Specialist Tiffany Karam Youssef will be available at the event to help with bra fittings for anyone interested to get the right size and suggestions for the optimal bra for your body. Every person who gets fitted will additionally get a 20% discount card for their next K-Lynn Lingerie purchase! 

  • OPENING HOURS: Wednesday Dec. 21: 3-9 pm and Thursday Dec. 22: 3-9 pm. Pass by any time - it'll be open house! We'll have a fitting room area for anyone who wants to try the bras before purchasing. 

  • WHERE'S IT HAPPENING? One Wig Stand office in Achrafieh, Lebanon, right next to ABC Ashrafieh if you're driving up from Spinneys. Feel free to call 01-203112 for additional directions.

  • VOLUNTEERS OR COLLABORATIONS: Want to help out? Have some creative ideas to make this an even more fun, memorable night? Email OneWigStand@gmail.com.     

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