Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Special gift with ❤


'Tis the Season to be jolly...
And to make a jollier world for those around us.
Especially children. 

So today I am adding to my Christmas Wish List a very "Special One": the Children's Cancer Center of Lebanon.

I have nothing but respect and the utmost admiration for the people who work there, and for the Center itself. Its purpose is to provide quality healthcare to children with cancer, completely free of charge. And unlike many (if not all?) other charitable organizations in the country, the Center welcomes patients from all walks of life, and most importantly from all religions.

Every year, the CCCL creates amazing gifts with meaning, and this season is no exception.

Fighting cancer is without a doubt one of the most difficult (and sometimes tragic) battles anyone might have to endure. Like many if not all tragedies, it is not one we choose. But it is not one we can avoid either. It could hit anyone. Sadly, I can attest to that. And to the excessive devastation it leaves behind.

Relatives and friends from all ages have left us too soon. It is in their honor and in the name of those still struggling that I ask you to take the time to support the CCCL in any way or form suitable to you.

I know two children undergoing treatment there. Not because I took the time to volunteer, I only wish. But simply because cancer can indeed hit the people you least expect to be sick. Young, bright, beautiful people. With life and an exciting future ahead. And who suddenly find themselves sinking in pain and battling a war no one, especially not children, should have to fight.

But they do. And with the help of the CCCL, they have a chance. An opportunity to take back what is theirs. To claim back their future. To claim back their lives. To survive and go on.

I also know for a fact that treatment at the CCCL is completely free of charge for all, which makes our support all the more important and consequential.

So please, take the time to check the Helping Hands Friendship Band collection and I am certain you will agree it is indeed a meaningful gesture that combines both the spirit of the CCCL and beauty. But more significantly, it is an immediate action in support of children in need.

I have already gotten one from a previous year's collection and I can assure you it puts a warm smile on the face of the person who receives it. Not only was it a lovely gift to wear but it also meant a donation was made in her name and she contributed in some way, no matter how small.

Other beautiful gifts can be found on the CCCL Merchandize page.

You could also make a monetary donation to the Center directly through traditional fundraising means or the online donation site which I have already used, and can confirm all transactions are completely safe.

May you and your loved ones have a wonderful holidays' season and a long, beautiful life filled with love, kindness and most importantly good health ❤

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