Monday, November 28, 2011

Christmas shopping list?


Let's face it: shopping for the holidays is always a bitch! Actually, shopping for any occasion, any time of the year is definitely not the most entertaining activity. 

And here we go again, for a winter filled with events! I never know what to get and the fact that I start looking just a few days before Christmas certainly does not help my quest. 

So this year, let's try and plan ahead, shall we?

I was inspired by Lorena's Epiphany's different Christmas which encourages everyone to support local artists and artisans this holiday, instead of buying from big corporations. I usually buy some gifts from charities too and I'll keep you posted on that as well in another article. In the meantime...

Earlier, on this very space, we have had the fantastic opportunity to meet new talents, so why not take advantage of their unique creations which promise to dazzle the toughest of gift critics!

I cannot help but think of Bras for a Cause first since it is the event that introduced us to fantastic designers and hopeful creators this year. So get some fabulous and glamorous FOR HER, all the while helping a great cause. If you are still wondering where to find the Look Good Feel Good Collection, search no further, we have got all the addresses for you over here.

As a daughter, sister and more recently wife, I attest that shopping FOR HIM is a nightmare! He usually has a zillion ties, wallets, pens and watches and to make things worse, he buys his own gadgets all year long which means that we end up with no wish list by the time the festivities have arrived.

But how about personalizing a favorite piece of his or even better, creating and entirely new one? And what could be better than a piece of wood? Wood is tough, rough and raw. Just like HIM. Well you are in luck because I have got the thing just for you. Wood artist and painter Dyala Khodary has a magical touch for turning dull into excellence. Indeed, Mia's Easter boxes turned out amazing, but you can request just about anything at Double U As Wood. Right off the top of my head I would say a keyring which would never leave his side, a set of coasters to impress his mates at their next margarita night (I have mine and they rock), a wine rack to earn your parents' admiration the next time they come to dinner or even a bookshelf to make those annoying intellectual neighbors of his so jealous they might not survive until new year's.

Image by Double U As Wood

Something that works FOR HER and HIM is SmallPrint's silver jewelry. I had initially discovered them when looking for the perfect gift for my mom. Which we did: a fantastic pendant with Mia's footprint. Since then, I also made the cutest keychain for hubby's Father's Day. SmallPrint can turn just about any print (foot, hand, even lips and drawings) into pendants, bracelets, keychains or cufflinks. Fancy, right? And a treasure which will last forever.

Image by Grossesse En Blog

On the other hand, some things are made to please instantly. I am not saying you will not remember them forever, far from it. However, there is something special in turning a regular everyday moment into magic. And I think everyone can agree chocolate will do that for you. Usually men gift chocolate to ladies but let's face it, when we are dealing with delicacies like Hala Khodary's Chocolat Fée, then trust me both HER and HIM will be delighted by this sweetness in a box which incidentally can also be handmade and customized by Dyala Khodary.

Image by Chocolat Fée

Last but not least, are two talented designers who also participated in Bras for a Cause: Sana'a Habib and Janeth Manneh Hachem.

Sana'a has recently launched her jewelry line, El Sa's J which you can find on Facebook. Sneak a peak, but beware, you might get addicted.

Janeth, a designer, painter and an art broker is bringing to the region artwork from Latin America where she grew up and currently lives; check her online gallery at Artistika Matizes, you won't regret the detour.

Image by Artistika Matizes

I promise to tell you more about these two, and I have got some very interesting things coming up on this space on and by them so stay tuned. But in the meantime, feel free to browse their cyber spaces and look for some dashing and unique holiday gifts FOR HER and HIM!


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