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A couple of updates on the last few posts:

RE : First Phoenician port in Beirut - Premier port phénicien de Beyrouth du Ve s. av. JC

The Lebanese online community has been upset over the discovery of the first Phoenician port in Mina El-Hosn under a construction site owned by Venus Real Estate Development in downtown Beirut. It appears this major historical finding cannot be saved. Like many of the ancient sites uncovered in that area, it will probably disappear under the wonderful face of modernity and "reconstruction".

A Facebooker has posted an updated photo of the port, with the bulldozers waiting right by it:


RE : Nadine Labaki's "Where Do We Go Now?"
Nadine Labaki's "WHERE DO WE GO NOW?" is officially the Biggest Arabic speaking film released in Lebanon  
by FRONT ROW FILMED ENTERTAINMENT on Saturday, November 12, 2011 at 8:17amSource 

BEIRUT. November 12, 2011. 
After 9 weeks occupying the # 1 position at the Lebanese Box Office and pulverizing blockbusters such as Johnny English, The Adventures of Tin Tin, The 3 Musketeers, Tower Heist, The Rum Diary, The Ides Of March among many others, Nadine Labaki's "WHERE DO WE GO NOW?" has now reached over 226,000 admissions finally dethroning the local hit "GHANNOUJET BAYYA" (208,657 admissions) and entering the TOP 4 ALL TIME LEBANESE BOX OFFICE HIT under James Cameron's "TITANIC" and "AVATAR", and Mel Gibson's "THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST". Labaki's Oscar hopeful is still running in Lebanese, Jordanian and Syrian theatres showing minor signs of drop and is now setting its sight on Mel Gibson's phenomenon. "WHERE DO WE GO NOW?" just opened in the UAE and Kuwait and on the 30th of November, the film will open in North African territories (Egypt, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia) as well as in Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.

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