Saturday, November 9, 2013

Twice Upon A Time


My friend Niam Itani will be celebrating her birthday soon. Why is it relevant to this blog? Well it is not really. But her wish-list at the moment includes only one gift: to have the opportunity to produce her upcoming film.

So I thought, what better way to celebrate the birth of a kind and talented soul than by supporting the birth of her wonderful project:

Source: Placeless Films

The cinema industry in Lebanon and the Arab world is usually brutal. Especially for young talents who do not have influential connections in the entertainment world, let alone those in the documentary field. Money does not come easy and yet, those films are how we can write our history. Our legacy. 

So why should we care?

Because although a little fun is always welcome, we have a responsibility to leave behind a trace. Something that speaks of our humanity, not only our surgically enhanced beautiful women or unbelievably brain-numbing (so-called) arts. 

How can you make a difference?

The internet is a fantastic medium because it connects people together in ways like we had never knew possible before. It is brilliant because it opens doors to infinite information and knowledge. And it is fantastic that way because people who want to make a difference can reach other people willing to help them and get the support they need to follow through and actually do something. 

This is how inspired independent filmmakers who wish to keep their integrity intact and tell their stories, genuine stories, are now reaching out to all of us. Through crowdfunding

You can now be part of the making of films you care about. How amazing is that?

What is Niam's story?

In her own words, "In 1989, my parents left Beirut for a small village in the Bekaa Valley called Ghazzeh. I was eight years old. In 2012, Khalil's mother left Syria and took refuge at our house in Ghazzeh. Khalil was ten years old. This film tells the story of my friendship with Khalil, and our efforts to find hope and joy in the midst of madness and despair. It is also a personal reflection on childhood, nostalgia, home, belonging, memory and war".

To find out more about the film and Niam, please follow this link. Trust me, you will not regret it.

And if you can, please help us tell the story of Niam and Khalil. Leave a trace with us. Donations can be made through that same site, and the smallest gesture is impactful. Even if it is to simply spread the word. So please do! And if you decide to be part of the film and donate, then that would simply be phenomenal and unbelievably generous!

This is one story Niam cannot wait to tell with you and to you.

So thank you for taking the time to read.
And thank you in advance for taking a moment to help.

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