Wednesday, October 23, 2013


So I've been on a major Blog-Out.

I've neglected both my blogs not intentionally but let's just agree that sometimes priorities shift and we need to adapt and move on as we see fit in that particular moment in time.

Might be the biggest mistake in the history of mankind or just a simple misstep. Might be the ultimate brilliant chance of a lifetime. Might be none of these, just something mediocre, but comfortable in that middle ground.

In any case, I haven't been blogging for a while. And I am not back on track yet.

In fact, I am typing this post on my phone, in bed, in the dark, with one of my ears detached from my head and focused on the sleeping kids.

I am one of those paranoid, freaky moms who wake up ten times a night to make sure baby's still breathing. Not ideal to maintain a clear head, mind and blog.

Good thing we're not in an actual exchange either, where I would be expected to actually listen and respond accordingly. You would've thought I was the most obnoxious person in the world. But at least, you can't say I'm a fake. I lay it all out, and happily so.

I was approached three times about monetizing my blog in the past year. Good thing I passed on the offers or I would have been forced to write, even when uninspired and as clichéd as this will sound, I started blogging because it made me feel good. So turning the whole thing into homework wouldn't have worked anyway.

That being said, I plan on coming back. Soon I hope. Because it's not the inspiration that is lacking right now, believe me. But only when the time is right. When I know I can be back to a regular rhythm.

If after this long absence, you're still here, reading: Thank you. It's nice to be in good company and I look forward to more of that soon ;)

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