Saturday, March 28, 2009

My Cyber-Life, Or "Why Hubby May Soon Divorce Me"

As you've probably noticed, I've been working hard on educating myself about Twitter. I discovered it by chance a few days ago and have been addicted since! It's true that receiving "texts" from celebrities, well they're Tweets, not texts, but still, is really quite something. Actually, I haven't yet "Followed" any celebrity except for Ashton Kutcher who got added automatically since I registered from his page (in my famous Twitter discovery) and Demi Moore because well, it was her behind in the photo, so it was the least I could do. And now they feel like personal friends, sending me messages all day long! :-)

I remember the first time I was introduced to Facebook. I had been receiving invites by email for ages (really for more than a year) before I finally decided to visit the platform and ultimately create my profile. But being a complete borderline-OCD perfectionist, just seeing that I have the option to add my hubby's name in my profile "forced" me to create a profile for him as well. Couldn't help myself. And he started receiving email notifications about "friends" adding him and even sending him "gifts" and stuff. And then, Oh Rage Oh Désespoir, he discovered the Photo Albums and (God Forbid) the Tags! Until he finally told me,

"If you tag me one more time, I'm deleting my account!"
"But... Who would I be married to then?"
"I don't care!"...

OK... No more tags then... For a while only. And I'm sure he knew he couldn't hold me for long. But now, at least, I try and be more selective of the photos I post (that include him :-P).

Then, I introduced him to my Blogs. And there we went again, arguing about our privacy and how he was not happy about me broadcasting the details of our daily lives, even if it was only the good stuff.

Well, one thing if for sure, this post will definitely not help! LOL :-D

And yesterday, I told him about Twitter.
(suspense/scary music)

If Facebook could have almost turned into grounds for divorce, needless to say Twitter may soon become "The Other Man"...
(suspense/scary music -- again)

Actually, I started with a nice introduction: "I made a great discovery yesterday and I will share it with you, but you need to keep an open mind and let me finish my story before you give any comment"...

Obviously, this alone was enough to make him suspicious! LOL ;-)

But what I failed to mention to you was that before this wonderful introduction and my enthused and passionate presentation of Twitter, I had talked about something else: Blackberry. Indeed, I mentioned how important (and urgent) it had become for me to own a Blackberry phone.

"Because, everyone does. And I need one too."
"But you're still hunting for a job, when you start working I'm sure you'll need one; but now, immediately, this very instant, honestly, why?"


Well, I didn't answer that. I just said that I'll get my Blackberry and that was it. But of course, after my passionate Twitter presentation, my very smart hubby connected the dots and exposed my evil plan! :-)

And of course, followed with a speech/lecture about how my life has become so isolated with all this time I spend on the net, on my Blog, on Facebook and blablabla and blablabla.

Naturally, I feel far from isolated since Facebook. Sometimes I even feel like running away to a desert island to escape all the people who now have access to contact me. But most of the times, I'm just really glad I got back in touch with friends I hadn't spoken to or seen in ages (some from 15 years ago). I now find out about news like baby births, weddings, etc. on time and call whoever I want to call... (And then see whoever I want to see). Or just message/gift whoever I feel like it. Come on, admit it, it's really much nicer than forced social visits. You can get away with most of your "social duties" without any harm :-)

So, lonely? Far from it.

Addicted? Maybe. Ok, fine, Yes.

But who cares? I have to admit: Sometimes I completely disconnect from all these sites... It happened several times before for me to disappear completely from the net... And other times, I just can't seem to get away for one second. But all in all, I am enjoying my time, keeping in touch (especially when I have a sister abroad and always so many things to tell her! women!) and definitely learning new stuff almost on a daily basis.

So hubby darling, I am sorry but I will keep on Blogging/Facebooking/Tweeting and hopefully you'll get on board... Eventually... Maybe...

Until that miraculous day comes, I dedicate this post to you my love ;-) avec plein d'amour et de gros bisous ;-)

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