Thursday, March 26, 2009

Facebook Questionnaire

1.Last Beverage → Water

2.Last Phone Call → Work Call at 17:42 Beirut Local Time

3. Last Text Message → Mmmh... Can't remember, I think on the 21st, in Mother's Day (connected to the net all day/night, who needs to SMS?)

4. Last Song You Listened To → Some French commercial on TV right now :-P

5. Last Time You Cried → When it was confirmed that I had to have another curettage


6. Dated Someone Twice → Nope (that would be dumb)

7. Been Cheated On? → Who hasn't? Yes, the answers is yes :-P

9. Lost Someone Special? → No, Thank God!

10. Been Depressed? → Oh yes!

11. Been Drunk? → :-) Yes!


12. Blue

13. Black

14. Blue (already mentioned :-P)


15. Made New Friends → Oui

16. Fallen Out Of Love → No, Thank God! Still love my hubby, my family and my friends :-)

17. Laughed Until You Cried → Oh yes! I do it all the time!

18. Met Someone Who Changed You → Unfortunately, no

19. Found Out Who Your True Friends Are → I knew already, and still was reminded

20. Found Out Someone Was Talking About You → Of course, we're women, it's always expected!

To clarify, this questionnaire comes from Facebook, so this is the Friends List we are talking about...

21. Kissed Anyone On Your Friends List → Yes! Of course, I've kissed more than one person on my Friends List (but only one on the lips :-P)

22. How Many People On Your Friends List Do You Know In Real Life → Do you really expect me to count them? Ya, right!

23. How Many Kids Do You Want To Have → Three, Four, Five, Six... Do I have enough time?

24. Do You Have Any Pets → No...

25. Do You Want To Change Your Name → Why?

26. What Did You Do For Your Last Birthday → Had dinner with my parents, at home, like when we were kids :-D but then, celebrated again with my hubby when I returned to Dubai ;-)

27. What Time Did You Wake Up Today → Around noon :-P

28. What Were You Doing At Midnight Last Night → Facebooking

29. Name Something You Are Looking Forward To → Being a mom

30. Last Time You Saw Your Mother → She's in front of me right now ma petite maman :-)

31. What Is One Thing You Wish You Could Change About Your Life → My current professional situation

33. Have You Ever Talked To A Person Named Tom → Yes, when you work in Dubai, you get to talk to people from all around the globe, so Tom is kind of easy to find :-)

34. What's Getting On Your Nerves Right Now? → This never-ending questionnaire... Was this question inteded for this particular answer? Because let's face it, we're at question 34! 34 people!

36. Whats Your Real Name → Rouba

37. Relationship Status → Married

38. Zodiac Sign → Aquarius

39. Male Or Female → Female

40. Primary School → Quite a few because we moved a lot

41. Secondary School → Collège Jules Verne (France), Carmel St Joseph (Liban), Collège Protestant Français (Liban)

42. College → Lebanese American University - Beirut Campus

43. Hair Color → Brown and at the moment blond highlights

44. Long Or Short → Middle

45. Height → 169cm I think...

46. Do You Have A Crush On Someone? → Right now? Other than my husband?

47. What Do You Like About Yourself? → Lots and lots of things :-P

48. Piercings → Just my ears

49. Tattoos → None, so far... What? You never know!

50. Righty Or Lefty → Righty


51. First Surgery → When I was a baby, Végétation (in French, don't know the name in English)

52. First Piercing → Ears

53. First Tattoo → N/A

54. First Best Friend → Waow, I was very young, can't remember!

55. First Sport You Joined → None! LOL

56. First Pet → Cat & Dog (at the same time!! LOL)

57. First Earliest Memory → Being born... Yes, yes! Oh come on!! How on Earth would I remember that?

58. First Concert → Can't remember that either!!

59. First Crush → If I can't remember my first best friend's name or my first concert, I mean come, how would I remember that??

60. First Alcohol Drink → Vodca 7Up


61. Eating → Pumpkin seeds

62. Drinking → Water

63. I'm About To → Type

64. Listening To → Nothing... My mom and I are watching Un Diner Presque Parfait on M6

65. Waiting For → This questionnaire to finally end!


66. Want Kids? → Didn't we already answer that before?

67. Want To Get Married? → Done. Next!

68. Careers In Mind? → CareerS? Plural? How many can we manage?


69. Lips Or Eyes → Eyes

70. Hugs Or Kisses → Kisses

71. Shorter Or Taller → Taller

72. Older or Younger → Older

73. Romantic Or Spontaneous → Romantic

74. Nice Stomach Or Nice Arms → Both (what the hell is this question?)

75. Tattoos Or Piercings → Tattoos

76. Sensitive Or Loud → Sensitive, but always Loud

77. Hook-up Or Relationship → Relationship

78. Trouble Maker Or Hesitant → Hesitant


79. Kissed A Stranger → Why on Earth would I take that risk?? I'm too paranoid about diseases and germs!!

80. Drank Hard Liquor → Nope

81. Lost Glasses/Contacts → Don't wear any... Hardly ever wear my sunglasses...

82. Sex On First Date? → No way!

83. Broken Someone's Heart → Yes. Three times. Not the same guy. But I was young and was scared by two of them who wanted to get married! Come on! The first one, I was like 13 and the second one I was 17! So I'm forgiven right?

84. Had Your Own Heart Broken → Of course! And whoever says no, is a liar! :-P

85. Been Arrested? → No

86. Turned Someone Down → Yes

87. Cried When Someone Died → Many times

88. Liked A Friend That Is A Girl? → No


89. Yourself → Yes (sometimes I doubt, but we all do right? in general, I do believe in myself, yes)

90. Miracles → Yes

91. Love At First Sight → Not love. Crush. Love comes after the sight

92. Heaven → I hope

93. Santa Claus → Come on!

94. Kissing On The First Date? → Not really, no

95. Angels → I think so


96. Is There One Person You Want To Be With Right Now? → Yes

97. Had More Than One Boyfriend At One Time? → Why on Earth?

98. Do You Believe Its Possible To Remain Faithful Forever? → Definitely

99. What's The One Thing You Cannot Live With → With? So it's "with" not "without"; so the one thing I cannot live with is LIES. I hate liars. Deception is unacceptable to me

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