Sunday, March 29, 2009

Keeping up with... everything!!

One of the Tweets I got on Sunday:

robluketic RT @elektrokitten: @robluketic resting includes twittering...I like your way of thinking. man, i'm a dork. I'm the biggest dork ever!

Doesn't make sense? Sure it does. We're Sunday and in most parts of the world, it's the day off. The weekend. The resting day.

Of course, when owning a phone keeps you connected all the time, the net is no longer a tool (for work, leisure or other purposes) but just a regular everyday life element.

You don't take a day off from your mobile phone, do you?
(Well, I personally do sometimes, but when it comes to phone calls, I'm weird so I'm not really a reference)

Using the Internet is now equivalent to using the phone. A few years back, the latter implied having to be in a particular location; now it can happen anywhere, any time and on the move. And who could ever imagine life without mobile phones?

The same applies to using the Internet. It used to be restricted to locations where one can connect... And now this "where" is everywhere and anywhere!

So for those of you who remain skeptic, get on board! You will need to acquire many skills before you can keep up with the new generations who are all total geeks by birth by the way!

Geek is the new Cool!

Or so my (geeky) brother says. Actually, he also claims, not in so many words but almost, that all geniuses are geeks. And all geniuses are now superheroes, i.e.super cool.

And it's true.

Well, not everyone can invent Facebook, Twitter, Google or any other of the marvelous creations we used to love and are now obsolete (MSN, Yahoo Messenger), got introduced to and just can never stop loving (Google, Wikipedia,, YouTube) or just discovered (Twitter in my case).

But everyone can use and benefit from them!
And everyone should!

And apparently, it makes the user as dorky as the inventor :-)
So don't be afraid to Geek away; and join the club!

So we used to have book smart people, street smart people...

And now, I officially proclaim a new generation of Cybersmart people!

I'm sure I'm not the first one to shout this grand proclamation, but anyway, this is my Blog and I can write whatever I want.


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