Tuesday, June 27, 2017

EMS: It's a wrap! (for now)

Sunday was my last day of EMS for the season. 

I am now in Lebanon, ready to take on something new, but that is a story for another time. 

Right now, I would like to take a moment to wrap up this first experience with EMS and just show with clear numbers how successful it actually has been.

So let me start with the beginning: My food addiction has been a problem for years. I have talked about it extensively in my previous post. Without going over the whole story again, I will just say I had tried so many diets and trainings in the past, I had lost hope I would ever get fit.

Then I saw an advert for EMS on Facebook and decided, what the hell, why not? After all, what is one more try, right? 

As a mother of two constantly on the run, I always found excuses not to exercise. But EMS seemed like a good alternative because it promised to be 20 minutes only, once or twice a week.

After a couple of trials at various studios, I ended up at Fit Express. It instantly felt different and welcoming. The atmosphere is fun and relaxed and the trainers are fantastic.

If I want to be completely honest and transparent and show the changes I have been through, I have to share the (very embarrassing) first weighing we took at Fit Express:

Weighing & Measurements at Fit Express

Date: February 13, 2017
Weight: 81 kilos (yes, I know!!) 

Full disclosure: when I first started, I did not want to diet (don't ask). On March 29, we went to Italy for the holidays and came back on April 4. At the next EMS session, I took my weight and was 83 kilos! 

It was shocking because we spent our time walking in Italy and although I knew I would not drop in size because of all the food we ate, I did not expect to put on weight. 

That is when I decided I needed to start dieting seriously because this whole thing was getting out of control. 

So to be clear, when I first committed to the program fully (workout + diet), I was:

Date: April 5, 2017 
Weight: 83 kilos (yes, I double know!!)

The next weighing on May 24, 2017 showed immediate and drastic changes (see image above). In a few weeks only, I had dropped 10 kilos

Date: May 24, 2017 
Weight: 73 kilos

I had intended to take my weight and measurements on my last day but I completely forgot. What I do know, is that the last time I weighed myself at home a few days ago, I was 69,6 kilos.

June 2017

So far, a total loss of 13,4 kilos.

As far as wrap-ups go, this is not bad at all. 

But it is not just about the weight loss. It's about this new lifestyle that I am really enjoying and loving now! It's about being healthy

This transformation has changed my whole life. I know it sounds cliché and it probably is but it feels good to be able to look at yourself in the mirror and not get so angry, tears just start rolling down your cheek for no apparent reason.

It feels fantastic to go to mainstream stores and try on clothes that actually fit and look decent on a body you are used to hating. Even if you are still trying on the sizes at the larger end of the spectrum.

The bottom line is simple: It is LOVE

It is more than just looking good. It is about feeling good and learning to love one's self.

The discipline that EMS kick started made all the difference. The commitment of the trainers to push while keeping it all light and fun and free from judgement really worked. The technology clearly is efficient (as far as I can tell). And of course, my commitment to change was and is still necessary to this whole process. It is not easy. The temptations are there, all the time. But trust me, it is worth it.

So if you're thinking of getting healthier or trying EMS, swing by Fit Express and give them a try. And let me know how you find it ;)

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