Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Twitter girlfriends are the best! ;)


I really have to say, Twitter surprised me! The few people I've had the opportunity to meet are all wonderful! AND REAL! Yes, I can vouch for them: they are human ;) and as sweet in person as their cyberpersona.

SHOUT OUT to @RaniaSassine, @migheille, @MayaZankoul & @LaraZankoul; the first tweeps I've had the privilege to meet in the real physical world :)

Yesterday, sweet @RaniaSassine treated me to a girl's day out!

It was so much fun (God knows I needed it) and I hadn't had a blast with a girlfriend in a long, long, long (too long?) time!

First, we had the most delicious lunch at Chez Sami which apparently is a celebrity favorite spot! There were only three other occupied tables; sitting in front of me was George Kurdahi, almost went and asked for my "million" but the food was too good to stop eating for even a minute; a little more to my right Siham Tueni was lunching with her two girls; and right behind me, facing Rania, Ilham Madfai was also enjoying his fishes. But mostly, it was a cosy, tasty lunch, with great conversation and an amazing view on Old Jounieh's seashore.

But it was not all roses... And yummy fishes!
No people!
We had to earn our glorious lunch!

We bravely ventured in old neighborhoods searching for a little authentic fish restaurant (can't remember the name :P) which ended up being closed on Mondays. It wasn't all a loss since we got to explore genuine Old Jounieh, and almost had lunch with a bunch of local guys, seated by the sea, smoking nargulieh! We finally decided that it was too hot to join the boys outside, and headed to Chez Sami which ended up being a delightful culinary experience!

Since it was too early and we were too young to go straight home and nap, we decided to watch a movie (choosing was not that difficult since it seemed Rania and I haven't been to theaters too much lately). We opted for Avatar, in 3D of course.

This post is not a film review, it's Twitter friends review! ;) But fear not, I'll give my two cents on the film (like you really care :P) Here we go...

I totally loved Alice in Wonderland's trailer in 3D! What? I know it's not Avatar! But it was the most amazing few minutes of my time in that theater, wearing the most uncomfortable geeky-looking glasses! I simply can't wait for the movie release! A total must-see!

Is it clear already that I won't get into Avatar for now (or ever?) but I'll just say the story was too obvious in a "been there, done/seen that" kind of way. It was too predictable and if I see one more brave hero face so much more on his own than entire armies and yet survive while his allies all end up dead, except for the girl of course, I think I'm going to puke! Graphics were awesome though; but that was also expected right? So, yes, pretty much predictable to the bone!

But all in all, had a wonderful time!

I'll leave you with the best quote from Avatar though (just to prove I actually made an effort to focus on the lame story and paid attention):

The Sky People have sent us a message... That they can take whatever they want. That no one can stop them. Well we will send them a message. You ride out as fast as the wind can carry you... You tell the other clans to come. Tell them Toruk Makto calls to them! You fly now, with me! My brothers! Sisters! And we will show the Sky People... That they can not take whatever they want! And that this... this is our land!

(No, it's not Braveheart, although a lot of "blue-faced" people were involved)

Tweet you later, girl! ;)

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