Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Gaza, Iraq, Haiti, ET409 on my mind


2010 started on strong notes.
Not very high though.
Strong, very low notes.

First Haiti's tragedy which was an explosion of terror, sadness and pain. Explosion because terror, sadness and pain have been there all along, in so many places. But when it suddenly bursts with a 7-something magnitude on Richter, then it gets the attention of the world, attention it most definitely deserves, there's no denying that.

Terror, sadness and pain, anywhere & everywhere.

Palestine and Gaza always under the radar and always under attack. This time, no Richter-worthy explosions there. Israelis learned their lesson. If they want to keep annihilating Palestinians, they need to do so quietly. Any media attention can only lead to bad publicity, bad publicity they don't need right now. They're barely recovering from the PR consequences of their last genocidal campaign. Irony of all ironies, while continuously and proudly marching on the Palestinian bodies they're leaving behind, Israelis have decided to show compassion in Haiti. Good PR is always welcome. There's no business like show-business, is there?

(Wishing for some natural disaster in Palestine, and hopefully some worldwide compassion until all pain, terror and sadness are resolved? Maybe? Who knows... Who cares?)

Terror, sadness and pain, anywhere & everywhere.

Yesterday, there was ET409. The tragedy happened very early in the morning, while we were all nicely tucked in bed. Comfortable. Dreaming maybe? Some witnessed an explosion over the sea. Some heard it loud and clear. Most of us woke up to the aftermath. Tragic end to too many lives who all had to take that flight to survive their daily needs and ended up not surviving at all. Lebanese and Ethiopians forced to travel too far away from their homes and their loved ones to provide for their families and sustain themselves. Lebanese going back to work. Ethiopians going back home (most of them, if not all, finally flying back home after - ironically? - surviving horrifying working conditions, slavery, abuse and sometimes more). Only to find death. And in the most atrocious and ridiculous way. At least in Gaza and all of Palestine, if they die, it's to protect their land, their children, their loved ones. Their deaths are not void. They are proud. When they die, they leave this Earth fighting for justice and what's right. But a plane crash? How so very sick!

Terror, sadness and pain, anywhere & everywhere.

I'm a bit depressed as I watch the news but today all the TV stations resumed their normal programs. The state of media urgency is off now. Updates are provided on a need to know basis, should some media-worthy development suddenly occur. It looks like life is back on its normal track, except maybe for this bitter taste left in our mouths for whatever bizarre reason.


Thinking of the crash victims. Hoping they didn't feel any pain (and fear).

Thinking of their families. Praying they can survive what seems to be far more insuperable than the crash itself.

Thinking of the dreams and hopes all the passengers carried in their hearts. Lebanese, Ethiopians and others who worked hard to earn an honorable and proud living. Most of them enduring horrifying working conditions. All of them missing their families, children, parents.

Thinking of Gaza. Hoping for Palestine. Praying for all those who suffer and pay the highest of prices for justice and honor.

Thinking of Haiti. Hoping for the best (the weather doesn't seem to care though, and it looks like more catastrophes are on the way). Praying help will come on time and will be enough (is it ever?).


When I see all the horror natural disasters or tragic accidents bring; horror we could not control; horror we sometimes could not foresee; I am disgusted human beings can still find it in their hearts (forget their minds, they're obviously mad) to cause more pain; intentional horror and torture caused by man-made wars.

Insane sadistic murderers who hide behind Press Conferences and the political correctness of "collateral damage"!

How can it be unintentional?
Don't we all know what the consequences of war are?
You start a war, you cause deaths.
Collateral damage?!
What a nice way to say: legalized mass murders.


May the souls be blessed & May they rest in peace.


L'épice said...

Don't want to talk about all this, but i pretty much feel the same as you... :(

Life goes on...
Life MUST go on.

~♪ bl✮g ♫~ said...

Je sais habibi... Je sais :(