Sunday, January 31, 2010

Again and always, racism's ugly head :(


I don't usually post more than one article a day, but I felt the need to!
Watching news on LBC right now about the Ethiopian Airlines crash (here & here):

Transportation Minister Ghazi Aridi visited the Lebanese families who were mourning their loved ones. He went from one town to the next, from one house to the next and paid his respect to the grieving relatives.

Politicians, journalists and other prominent Lebanese figures attended the mess in memory of Marla Pietton, wife of the French ambassador to Lebanon Denis Pietton. This is understandable and I can appreciate everyone making the effort to attend in person.


On the other hand, only Ethiopians attended the mess in memory of their fellow nationals (mostly women, I didn’t notice any man which is possibly because all these ladies are most likely housekeepers).

Not one politician.
Not one prominent figure.
Not even one representative sent by the government.

Truly disgusting.

I sit there and remember that my husband, my brother, my sister and I spend our life away from home; away from our families; just like these women.

I know what it means to be lonely sometimes; to feel like you want to hug your sister; to feel like you need to touch your mother, sometimes just smell her perfume (I own a bottle of my mom’s favorite fragrance and use it when I miss her so I can sense her all day long) and yet, unlike these brave Ethiopian ladies, I have the opportunity to visit home many times a year.

What are they feeling right now?

Divine injustice for losing their friends and relatives?
Earthly injustice for facing racism on a daily basis?

I’m wondering what support system these ladies are getting away from their homes; away from their loved ones.

God help them.

God help all those who have had to face this tragedy.
God bless the souls of those who left and may they rest in peace.


L'épice said...

*méga-soupir* (un de plus...)

hey! you're supposed to be a racist yourself, remember?! :p
(don't get me wrong: i'm just trying to make you laugh a little bit...)

and I have a mission for you: your next article MUST make me laugh!

~♪ bl✮g ♫~ said...


Because I miss you & I want to make you happy ma petite sœurette chérie!!

Call us on Skype!! Celui des parents est fonctionnel de nouveau...