Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"Sofia wants to be a poet..."


I just came across this short yet very nice interview with Francis Ford Coppola when he was in Beirut, Lebanon. What caught my eye was at the end, as the journalist inquired about Coppola's children.

It's always beautiful to view someone through their parents' eyes. There always is some sort of magic touch, a beauty; some sort of perfection. And I just loved what Francis Ford Coppola said about his daughter:

How big is your influence as a father, producer and director on your daughter (Sofia Coppola)?

Well, I have a very large lower lip that I was very embarrassed about, and she has the same lip... but on her it looks beautiful.

So that is one influence.

But I think my most proud influence on Sofia, and on my son Roman, is that they only want to make personal films.

You will not see Sofia get a job to do 'Twilight 3' or whatever - Sofia wants to be a poet.

How beautiful is that?

"Sofia wants to be a poet"... He is describing his filmmaker-daughter. And he sees her as a poet. Not just a filmmaker that creates images and sounds but that uses these images and sounds to make poetry. Which in other words (to me at least) means beauty.

Sure, parents always think that their kids are perfect. That they are unique, special. And that they are a gift to the world and humanity. Parents are always so proud of their offspring, it's sometimes silly, even laughable (not in Coppola's case though because his daughter has proved she deserves her accolades). Like their perfect child is some sort of personal success they achieved themselves.

It's unreal and yet, unmistakably, always a reality.

And it never fails to make me smile.

This naive perception which is so strong and deep that it becomes a truth to the beholder.

That's probably why I always fear failing. Or at the very least, I always fear my parents would find out about my failures.

They think it's pure love (and it probably is).
To the child it's pure burden.
But that is what love is sometimes. Sometimes the weight of love can be so heavy it feels like a burden. And we have to adjust and live with it, right?

Anyway, a father calling his daughter a poet can only put a smile on my face.

And so that's why I don't need to waste more time on psychoanalysis crap. I just need to share the words with you. And maybe get inspired, just a little bit, to create poetry in some way, not necessarily in writing but in some way, my own way... We'll see.

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