Saturday, May 23, 2009

Geek is the new Cool ... Nerd is the new Sexy ... Whatever!

We often ditch regular TV for marathons of our favorite shows.

We did that with Entourage a while ago (still waiting for the new season coming up soon); we also did that with 30 Rock (hilarious!!) and How I met Your Mother... It had all started with 24 and Heroes but I stopped watching these a while ago and now only hubby and Loume are still following these two. (Anyway...)

Which brings us to our current addiction:
The Big Bang Theory

It is a hilarious script from the creator of Two And A Half Men about four geeky geniuses in Physics who work at a university and their hot blond neighbor, who is none other than Kaley Cuoco from 8 Simple Rules.

So i cannot really tell you about the show... Don't like to ruin these things. But I can always give you a preview of the very first episode:


It was brought to my attention that I forgot to mention one of the many, and yet essential addictions which is still going on up until today (SHAME ON ME; I AM BEGGING FOR FORGIVENESS):


Now I can go to bed.

. S H A R E . T H I S . P ✮ S T .

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