Saturday, December 6, 2008

vacation planz

We're having a few days off here (Eid holiday) and Hadhoudteh (translates My Hadhoud) is spending them here with me (yey!) so we've covered what we could possibly do with this precious time, with Halloum's help bien sur (while we were waiting for our movie to start... will talk about that later):

1. Visit Dubai Mall (we don't really care that it's the biggest mall in the world, honestly people, all the malls are gigantic here and I don't see much difference in any of them but there is a huge shark aquarium there and I'd like to snap a few shots -- with Halloum's cam since mine is on vacation in Beirut... mmmmh)

2. Ice Skate (in the new arena at Dubai Mall... that would probably be a one-day thing with point number 1 but I'd like to separate them to make my life look more interesting and make it seem like we've got a zillion things to do... buzzzy buzzzzzzzy, buzzzzzzzzzzzzzy)

3. Sky Dive (this would require that -- Oh rage Oh desespoir -- it doesn't rain so we're not sure... and it would require lots and lots of guts. Halloum is the one who wants to do it but I won't allow him. I'm his big sister and I decide. He is too young to risk his life. I'll do it. and as I explained to him yesterday, he can't do it with me because Sako & Vivo could not stand to burry two kids at once. Because the risks are there. First of, the chute could get stuck. The back up chute could also get stuck. And if me and my trainer are too heavy for another team to pick us up, I will end up like a pancake because he is in fact on top of me... So, yes, vewwwy vewwwy risky)

4. Karting (ok, in my case it wouldn't really be racing but now that I can drive, sort of, I'd like to explore my skills to the maximum... yeah right! Not worrying about rain here, there's an indoor circuit)

5. Paint Ball Fight (again, rain would be an issue... And "dying" from the first few seconds since I would probably suck at this. I asked if I could be a War Reporter and just document the whole thing but Halloum threatened that he would then play the role of the terrorist who kidnaps and assassinates journalists... Both endings are not very promising for me but we'll work something out)

6. Shooting (real bullets and stuff... Oh Yeaaaah!)

So basically this is what we came up with yesterday.

Hadhoud and Halloum both say that they'd be surprised we even do one thing on this list. But I promise to be the ultimate nag (I'm very good at that) and make their days and nights miserable if they let me down.


All Done.

Now the movies.

As mentioned in a previous day I photoshoped, I am in the mood for the movies... So we went yesterday (because on that particular day when I wanted to go, our friends decided to go for steaks at entrecote, and let's face it, you don't say no to entrecote... We should have. The salad and steaks sucked and with my no carb diet I couldn't touch the French fries which were the only yummy looking things on the table... anywhooooo).

Yesterday we were planning to watch Body of Lies but then changed our plans because our friends wanted to watch it too and they couldn't make it... So we went for a Cuba film instead. It was Cuba... I was so happy. I love Cuba. He always takes off his shirt in his movies, and well, no need to say more. So we confidently entered the theater and happily sat down as we eagerly waited for the movie to start.

Oh, I just noticed I never mentioned the name of the movie. No wonder. It SUKED. Anyway, we wasted our evening on Hero Wanted. Cuba Gooding Jr. was average (why oh why - - nice topless shots though, as usual), Ray Liotta was the same as always (doesn’t he always look the same? whether he’s the good guy or the psycho, this guy never changes!) and well the rest of the cast were like runaways from a Van Damme movie (so yes, extremely bad). The script was a total wannabe, posing for some profound story about human beings and how they can become extraordinary: they wanted to do something special but they ended up being corny -- especially Cuba’s V/O, My God -- and worst of all, so damn predictable!! It felt like a really bad déjà vu.

So yes it wasn’t worth mentioning but since I got myself started with our vacation wish list, I thought, what the hell… Let’s cover everything and maybe even help the world. If after this I managed to save someone from Hero Wanted, then my work here is done.


L'épice said...

you, sky diving?? NO WAY!!! but IF you do, i want photos!!! :p

~*~*~*~ said...

et bein voila... maintenant on n'a plus le choix!!

mais il faut vraiment que le beau temps revienne avant. il pleut en ce moment même et il y a même des éclairs!!!! super forts en plus!! je sursaute toutes les 2 minutes (pas habituée à ce genre de bombardement à dubai moi...)

on est fous mais pas suicidaires ma petite nouce! ;-)