Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Thank you my angels...

I just received this video by email. It made me cry like a baby (I must be hormonal or something)...

So I thought, how appropriate (and what a wonderful coincidence), tomorrow December 3 being: The International Day of Disabled Persons.

There is nothing stronger than the love of a parent; and isn't it so reassuring to know there is at least one person (or two, when you have a Sako & a Vivo you're double-blessed) on this Earth who would do absolutely anything for you?

I had to check the related videos, and there is a very nice interview with this amazing dad and angel of a son.

So inspirational.

What are the so-called obstacles that make us want to give up?

My God, how insignificant are our struggles?

I feel like such a coward and a nag right now. I've got everything anyone could possibly need in the world. Wonderful parents who love me more than life itself; a brother who stands by me no matter what with unconditional affection; a sister whose absolute love I can literally feel when she writes or speaks to me even though she's seas away; and last but certainly not least, a loving and supporting husband who would do just about anything for me and who makes me forget he has to struggle every day for the smallest things I always take for granted. And so I take my angels too for granted. And I nag. And forget that these are all blessings. And I forget that no, not everyone is that lucky.

So I faced a few bumps on the road, so what? I had initially typed "adversities" and then realized that I have not yet faced anything worth calling an "adversity" thanks to the efforts of all the people who take care of me and make my life so much easier. "Adversities"?! Who and what do I think I am?? "Bumps" is more than enough right now and it may even be too much.

I feel so ashamed I need such a video to remind me of the simplest things. But then again, I think we can all get caught up in our every day insignificances and we tend to forget what's real and true.

So I thank all those who love me so much, my family, my friends (who are also my family) and I apologize for not loving them as well as they love me. I'm sorry if I forget you sometimes. The grand-parents who have nothing to live for but my phone calls every once in a while. The aunts who I know (and I've witnessed) love me as much as they love their own children ! Houda and Bader, I love you as much as I love maman ! And my chosen sisters, Mayssa and Elsie who love me despite of all my craziness and moodiness.

And all the others I don't get to see (because we live miles away, or because time flies but also because I don't make the effort as I should): Lara, Mona, Hélène, Reem, Nivine…

Enjoy the video (cry your eyes out like me if you want). And be grateful for your Angels and the Blessings they fill your life with.


L'épice said...

c'est malin: je pleure comme une madeleine alors que je viens d'arriver au boulot!!
Je crois que je vais laisser la vidéo pour ce soir :p

Tu sais Rabroub, tu aimes les gens beaucoup mieux que tu ne le crois!

Gros bizoOo ma sister d'amour!!!

PS: ça fait du bien quand ça sort, non? :p

~*~*~*~ said...

biZZZZZous petite noustic!!!