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That's it. It's the final countdown for all of us at the Bras for a Cause Squad, and that means you too:

If for whatever reason there's still anyone out there who hasn't voted yet because, I don't know... Maybe you were on a spiritual retreat somewhere. Maybe you were in a coma for the past 10 days. Who knows. It doesn't matter. What matters is that now is the time. You have until July 12. Yes. That leaves only three days to make sure you've supported your favorite design(s). Yes, you can vote for as many pieces as you'd like, in all categories. So, go nuts!

Then it will be the judges's turn to make their move: they are entrusted with the difficult job of selecting the winners who will be revealed on July 14.

And I don't envy them right now! 

All the designs are simply fantastic and it won't be easy picking. You think I'm being too subjective? Check for yourself some of the designer pieces here: I couldn't possibly manage to choose between Joe Challita's stunning Queen (here), Mia Jafari's sweet reveries (here, here, here), Rana Mouawad's brilliant statements (here, here), Angelique Sabounjian's subtle beauty (here), Nadine Zeni's sexy shout-out (here), Alison and Marie's inspired visions (here, here), Sartori Sartori's feminine touch (here) or Sandra J's shining twinkle (here).

Judges, I sympathize, believe me and I wish you the best of luck with that heavy responsibility.

As for humble me, I was asked to represent one design from either Her Bra, Training Bra or Such a Tee's categories. 

I immediately stepped away from all the t-shirts because for one, I have three designs there (curious readers out there, check here, here and here, and click on "Like" while you're at it, thank you very much in advance) but mostly because two of my friends are participating too (find their amazing work here and here and don't forget to "Like" please) and I didn't want to have to choose between them.

The next step came almost naturally.

I simply asked myself, "If I were at a lingerie boutique, which bra would I buy"? 

And without a moment of hesitation, I immediately clicked on Cupcake Fantasy by Yasmin Khlaifat. 

First of all, it has a pastry name. That can only be a good sign. It is inspired by the layering of cupcakes which I find so tasteful (pun intended) but more importantly it is one of the very few sexy full bras I've seen. Ever. And I've looked, trust me.

Cupcake Fantasy

It is glamorously shaped, yet maintaining that practicality fully busted women like myself always look for. 

I should have probably started by mentioning that finding the right bra has always been a challenge for me. I am always stuck between "something that can support all that (overweight) baggage I carry all day" or something "cute and sexy". Why it is so difficult to find both in one design, I'll never know.

Well, this one's a winner!

It is sensual and feminine but also comfortable. The large shoulder straps will definitely carry any weight without marking my skin with that awful red scar I get every time I wear thin laces. And clearly, the breasts will be fully supported all the while looking so darn cute!

Cupcake Fantasy

The back looks as convenient as the front: large enough for good support but also to avoid those ugly excess fat most bras will shape on the side. Love handles may be cute around the waistline, they are a definite no-no on the back! And just look at that charming design! The back is as lovely and sexy as the front. 

Beautiful and convenient.
Comfortable and flattering.

If that doesn't make any woman, a fortiori full-figured ones like me, happy; I don't know what will.

Bottom line: This is pretty and wearable and I want it now!

All on Bras for a Cause here

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Yasmin said...

Thank you so much Rouba :) I'm glad you like the design... that really means a lot to me, and by the way ,, it is intended for fully busted women, I totally understand what you mean by "Finding the right bra" because I'm having the same problem, that's what inspired me the most.
thanks again :)

rouba said...

You're most welcome :) I meant every word: this is a bra I would absolutely buy and wear. Well done on a great design! :) And best of luck with the competition! ;)