Sunday, November 28, 2010

Short Story


Walking home from the hairdresser's

Hubby: Looking good wifey :)
Nine-months-pregnant-Me: Thinner?
Hubby: Not THAT good!
Me: ...


EpiceFrancaise said...

file pondre au lieu de raconter des c*nneries sur le net, wli! :o

~♪ bl✮g ♫~ said...

I only speak the truth :P

We went to the hospital today because your spoiled niece wouldn't honor us with at least one kick! So we had to put her on monitor... Or her mom would have had a panic attack :P

Bottom line: all is fine and everyone is healthy.
Only 2cm dilated and small irregular contractions but good enough to provide for an easy delivery. Will keep you posted.