Tuesday, December 9, 2014

On time, absence and everything that it means


So I've been away from this blog for a while. Almost a year in fact. My last post dates back to February and soon, we'll be welcoming the new year. Not very serious of me, I know.

But to be frank, when I first started this blog, I needed a space for me to share and voice some issues I did not feel I could necessarily insert in my daily chats with people around me. 

It seems lately, I've been talking way too much to real people, in the physical world.*

Ok, that's the truth of my entire life. I talk way too much. Anyone who knows me, knows that. But that's been happening since I uttered my first word so that's not really the reason behind my absence. 

I think I've been out of relevant topics to this blog. As far as my mommy-blog goes, I think I've had an overdose of topics: so many, not enough time to process them all and at the end, nothing. They just remained ideas (and quite humbly, very witty conversation with my own self).* 

But mostly, I blame it all on social media. 

You know how I know I've been writing on Facebook for way too long now? I was about to type "LOL" at the end of each of my extremely funny jokes above (a "LOL" would usually be inserted here too). 

Since I've been able to express thoughts instantly without having to take the time to process them into well-composed essays, I haven't been feeling the need to come here. A status on Facebook is instant gratification and apparently quite enough in this high pace life I've been leading. How could it not be? When I hardly have time to shower, a status that took less than thirty seconds to type can lead to immediate feedback from friends and acquaintances. Even strangers sometimes. And it all turns into interesting or fun (or both) debates within a matter of minutes. 

So what brings me back here?

I miss writing I guess. 

Family commitments, the holidays, daily mommy duties, a husband on bed rest, and a few projects here and there might not make it easy to be consistent again just yet. 
Parentheses: A crying baby has already interrupted me three times as I write this. Three. That's quite a lot for such a short essay. The crying is pretty loud so I guess it would be difficult to concentrate and work through it, but of course, some might argue I could ignore the baby. Nah, I really couldn't

But I think I want to come back here. Maybe I even need to.

My next post is probably more relevant to my other blog. But I'll be back here too. Let's see how this unfolds... (insert *wink smiley* here)*

* It's very hard to try to be funny online while avoiding emoticons and smileys. I'm always worried people might not catch my brilliant sense of humor. 

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