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Made The Cut!


We all know money does not grow on trees and neither does hair, but luckily the latter does grow (sometimes even in abundance) on our heads and while it is noble and so important to continuously support research and those who work day and night to eradicate cancer, it does warm the heart to be able to give some sort of immediate comfort to the fighters: cancer patients. 

So a few months ago I took a pledge and promised to support One Wig Stand's latest initiative by donating hair to Make The Cut: Hair Donation Campaign.

Hair might seem ridiculous. It might seem absolutely useless. After all, it is not like hair will cure cancer or save a life. And yet, it might save a heart. 

It may sound weird and completely unscientific but positive thoughts and behavior are now known to be factors in the healing process and while chemotherapy will surely take a toll on the body, its side effects may also crush the most courageous of spirits. 

So yes, hair may seem ridiculous, to those who have it and do not have to bear the weight of loosing it. But to a a cancer patient, it is a constant reminder that the disease is ever-present, trying to steal their whole being. And to a woman in particular, it may be perceived as a stab in what makes her who and what she is. I say "may" because possibly, not all women feel and view their femininity as such. But simply put, to those who do, loosing their hair feels just like an amputation. So if reconstructing the limb that was lost might help reconstruct the spirit and the will to go on, then by all means, Make The Cut, people!

What is "Make The Cut"?
❝One in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in her lifetime and nearly 60% of them regard hair loss as the single worst side effect of cancer treatment. Hair loss as a result of cancer treatments can be devastating to a woman’s self-esteem as well as emotionally distressing as they feel others will realize they are sick. Many patients report feeling insecure about their appearance during this time and isolate themselves from others as a result of this. [...] Unfortunately, natural (human-hair) wigs which are the most comfortable, durable and physically-appealing for patients are also quite costly - especially in considering the high medical expenses and bills one incurs during treatment. As part of our mission to enrich the lives of cancer patients and boost their sense of well-being during treatment, One Wig Stand is launching the Make the Cut: Hair Donation Campaign to collect as many ponytails as possible from across Lebanon to be able to create and provide wigs for all those who can’t afford one. The campaign will be running across Lebanon until June 2013 with creative collaborations planned along the way to boost involvement and hair donations from the community. Wigs will be made and distributed locally.❞

So how did I do it?

Well shortly after taking my pledge I notice a surprising message on Facebook from Franck Provost Dubai: I had won a free haircut! 

Is that a sign or what?


Clearly, the entire universe was conspiring for me to Make The Cut!

So I call and make a booking and most importantly let them know that I will need to take photos because this haircut is part of a pledge that I will be blogging about to raise awareness for Make The Cut and their cause.

My request was welcomed with the warmest support and a genuine interest in knowing more about hair donation programs in the region. 

So dear reader, if you live in the UAE and would like to help, get in touch with Hair For Hope now and join Franck Provost Dubai in their  pledge to support hair donations locally.

They totally rock and I had the best VIP treatment at their salon in Mall of the Emirates! Armen Baddour, probably the nicest stylist in town, came on his day off just for me, wearing a shiny smile on his face (and shiny scissors in his hand) and... insisted on giving his very own donation too! That was really the sweetest surprise of the evening! That, and my new head of course!

How about we take a walk (or rather a scroll) down memory lane and see what the whole fuss is about, shall we?

Step one, divide and tie the hair in small ponytails:

Oh yes, we are not afraid of cutting! When I said I'd donate, I meant it and quite frankly, since I do nothing with that hair of mine, might as well give it to someone who can use it, right?

Step two, do a little Edward Scissorhands magic on that boring head:

Step three requires a dash of styling, Armen-style:

And here you go: perfect!

Gotta love this guy!

I am definitely visiting Franck Provost Dubai at Mall of the Emirates again. They totally deserve the effort and they will send you back home happy. No matter how long or short your hair (donation?) is.

In conclusion

I am so grateful to One Wig Stand for all the work they do and allowing regular people to be able to give a little bit more every day. After Bras For A Cause, I knew this was one NGO I needed to keep my eye on and indeed, they never disappoint. Make The Cut: Hair Donation Campaign does rock!

If you are wondering how you too can be part of this amazing initiative, take a look at One Wig Stand's guidelines, visit the campaign's Facebook page or contact the organizers by email or phone +9611203112.

I would like to add that while the organization has partnered with several top-notch salons in Lebanon, donations can be made from all over the globe. I am personally mailing mine from Dubai and I can confirm the process is easy and hassle-free!


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