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Organize Your Closet Early This Year


It has been a very difficult couple of days and I am certain nobody can take their minds off of Ashrafieh, Beirut and Lebanon. Being in Dubai, miles from it all, everything feels even more tragic. While thoughts and prayers go to the victims we lost, the ones fighting for their lives and their loved ones, one can only hope their Lebanese countrymen and women will be kind enough to provide any support and donation (including blood) they possibly can; wise enough not to fall in the trap of violence, civil war and more destruction; and brave enough to stand for what is right and fight that damn corrupt system and the politicians who represent it in order to finally reach a united secular nation that promises to protect all citizens equally.

Before that tragedy, I was working on a blog post. It is also about an important cause so I felt it was alright to bring it up now, in spite of all that has happened and the focus on Ashrafieh.

To learn more about Organize Your Closet Early This Year, I had a little chat with Yara El Moussaoui, Fundraising Officer at Skoun, Lebanese Addictions Center.

Tell us about Skoun. 
Skoun, Lebanese Addictions Center is a non-profit, non-governmental Lebanese organization created in 2001 and legally registered in 2003. Skoun helps people with addiction problems claim their lives. We provide a nonjudgmental, caring environment of client-centered treatment and counseling. We also deliver tools and information to reduce the harm caused by drug use and we advocate for drug policy change and increased public awareness regarding addiction. Skoun also educates young people and the community to prevent drug misuse and promote well being by delivering the facts about the dangers of drugs and developing educational programs which equip adolescents with the skills needed to lead healthy and productive lives. In 2010, Skoun began providing its services to its patients, free of charge considering the high demand for treatment in the underprivileged communities of Lebanon. In May of 2012, Skoun opened its second clinic in Chiah, facing your Chiah factory to help and support hard to reach populations, providing treatment and prevention services in the area and its surroundings.

Photo courtesy of Skoun and Yara El Moussaoui

What is Organize Your Closet Early This Year? 
Since Skoun is a non-governmental, non-profit organization, its income consists mainly of grants from local and international agencies, governmental funding from Lebanese Ministries, personal donors and fundraising events. As part of our continuous efforts to generate income for our NGO while helping the community, Skoun is starting a fundraising and socially engaging initiative, which is an annual Yard Sale. We are planning to have our first Yard Sale in 3/4 November 2012 in the Chiah/Ain Remaneh area where we have recently opened our second clinic. The yard sale will consist of donated items (second hand and new) by Skoun supporters that will be sold at very low prices in the purpose of generating income for Skoun and benefiting the community of this underprivileged area by providing them with high quality items at very affordable prices.  Items donated will vary between books, toys, household items, furniture, women/men/kids clothes, accessories, DVDs, CDs, artisanat, etc...

Photo courtesy of Skoun and Yara El Moussaoui

Is it a first-time event? 

This is the first year for this event and we hope it will be a success because all revenues go to the funding of our second clinic at Chiah and we aim at selling very good quality items at very symbolic prices.

How can people help or volunteer? 

People can simply help by donating items and attending the bazar to buy.

Any other useful information and contact info you would like to share? 

They can contact us at 01.202714 or 70.990405 for more information and ask for Yara El Moussaoui.

So what are you waiting for? You know you are always postponing the dreadful moment when you will have no choice but to clean up that closet. This time, do not wait until the rack falls on your head while you are busy looking for that fabulous shirt you can no longer find somewhere in that unknown pile of laundry. And while you are at it, seize the momentum and take a look at your entire house. You will feel so much better afterwards. As for the Yard Sale, you know how we all love to shop, right? Right. Support a great cause and an outstanding organization and Organize Your Closet Early This Year.

A little touch of kindness in the midst of cruelty and violence is always heartwarming to all, especially to those who are willing to give.

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