Monday, June 29, 2009

DICO PERSO : "Trust / Confiance" ?

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Today Loume and I were having coffee at Costa and I saw a jar of marshmallows on the counter which reminded me of a hilarious true story a friend had told us once:

J. has two sons. One day as he was carrying a transparent plastic bag with colorful fluffy little white and pink balls, his youngest boy who at the time of the story was about 5 or 6 years old, runs towards him with open arms (and hands, and mouth) screaming "marshmallows! marshmallows!" So J. who is a great dad (he probably won an award for that next thing he did), takes one out of the bag and sticks it in the boy's wide open mouth. After a quick taste, the poor guy realizes he's eating a ball of cotton!

Now you might think this is where the story ends. Trust.

Well, you're mistaken because with trust, come trust issues! ;-)

Apparently the boy was traumatized for like two weeks or so, and kept smelling his food before putting them in his mouth!!! LOL!! Now that's hilarious (and J. mimicking the whole thing is even funnier!) but of course, that's bad. Don't do it to your kids! :-P


On revient de Costa où Loume et moi on s'est pris un petit café et je remarque un bocal de marshmallows sur le comptoir, ce qui me rappelle une histoire qu'un copain nous avait raconté:

J. a deux fils. Un jour alors qu'il avait un sac en plastique transparent plein de petites boules roses et blanches moelleuses à la main, son fils qui à l'époque avait 5 ou 6 ans, cours vers lui les bras (et les mains et la bouche) grands ouverts en criant "marshmallows! marshmallows!". Alors J. qui est un papa extraordinaire (il a probablement reçu le prix du papa de l'année pour ce qui suit) fourre une boule dans la bouche grande ouverte du petit. Il lui faut seulement quelques secondes pour se rendre compte qu'il mange une boule de coton!

Vous pensez surement que l'histoire se termine là. La confiance.

Et bien non, parceque toute personne consciente de ce que la confiance veut dire sait parfaitement bien que justement, elle entraine des problèmes de confiance! ;-)

Apparemment, le garçon a été traumatisé pour au moins deux semaines pendant lesquelles il ne voulait absolument rien manger avant de ne l'avoir sentit!!! LOL!! C'est vraiment trop hilarant (et la parodie de J. est encore plus drôle!) mais bien sur, c'est méchant tout ça! Ne le faites pas à vos enfants! :-P

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Saturday, June 27, 2009



Pas les balançoires...

Mood Swings.

It all started last night. I was just sitting, facebooking and twitting when all of a sudden, I felt like I was about to burst into tears. No apparent reason. No, I am not PMSing. Couldn't shake off the feeling but managed to keep everything bottled inside, as any sane insane person would.

But later that night, as I was lying in bed next to hubby, I just couldn't hold it in anymore. I exploded. I started crying like a mad woman! Why? Well no specific reason in particular. It's probably just a combination of a million things.

My guess? Death. I hate it. It scares me... To death. And every time I'm faced with it, or the thought of it, I freak out. Obviously, all the buzz around yesterday's events must have acted like some sort of catalyst.

So I start a long tirade in between sobs about how life is short and we're spending it away from each other with all his business trips. And sometimes I hope we would just go back home and even if it means living with our parents and don't care if we make enough money to sustain our family. And then I start thinking about my parents and my sister and how everyone is in a different country... And how life is short and we're spending apart... And somehow the vicious circle closes and I get stuck inside with no way out.

But let's face it. It's not only about my usual separation anxiety and death paranoia. I've been stressed for a few days now.

Hadhoud has been scheduled to travel to the USA for a while and he finally got his Visa last week. So his trip was far from being a surprise but as we slowly got closer to his departure, I slowly got closer to a nervous breakdown. The Air France flight that claimed so many lives only a few weeks ago is still on my mind and it's not helping my newfound phobia of airplanes. I used to be able to travel and actually enjoy it. Now every time I set foot in a plane, I start to freak out. Blame it on stress. Aging. Vivid imagination. Whatever. It started the first time back in 2005. I remember the incident. I started to have a panic attack right after I buckled my seatbelt and the palpitations didn't stop for a good half hour or more.

And it's not only when I'm the one traveling. I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack every time someone I love has to travel which is insane: Hadhoud's on a plane every freaking week!

So anyway, he was sweet enough to calm me down at an godforsaken hour, as usual. Rationally. We had discussed all his traveling before he took the job and we had both agreed it was OK because it was only until December (and I am really OK with it, deep down), then the trips would be less frequent and only if really necessary. And of course as usual, I move on to realize that we worked hard to earn what we currently have, and we have a good life, and health (despite the manageable ups and downs in that area) and we'll soon expand our family God willing, and we'll be able to provide for a safe and steady future. And finally, I could to sleep. Well not immediately, but at least I gave Hadhoud a (really) few hours of sleep before a long day.

This morning we woke up at 5:00 and had some coffee, then waited for the airport pick up car.

I think I'm OK today. Well, I'm actually drowsy from sleep deprivation so to speak, so I can't really know for certain :-P

Local Time in Dubai ✮ Sat. June 27 10:00

Hadhoud has been sitting in his cabin since 8:30. He's very happy. He got an upgrade from his business class booking to first class. I'm relieved about this because he's on meds at the moment as he's suffering from major back pains and he couldn't find the time check it out between his flying back and forth from Qatar to Dubai (respectively for client/project and USA visa) during the past couple of weeks. And now he's stuck in a cabin for 17 hours which cannot possibly help. Business class seats on Emirates Airlines are usually quite comfortable so we were feeling better about the whole thing. And apparently, the flight was full and Hadhoud was eligible for an upgrade since he's a frequent flyer (gold skywards member -- all this traveling should have some kind of positive outcome, right?) and so they moved him to a first class cabin. He blackberried me a photo before take off:

Hubby's message:
"U can see my cabin and to the right is my minibar
Sent from Blackberry"

He obviously started playing video games the minute he sat his butt down :-) I thought he would have been tired from all his time on PlayStation at the lounge, by apparently, he's always got spare energy for games! :-)

He promised to call the minute he lands, which won't be before 1:30 am. Today's going to be one long, stressful day.

Update 1 ✮ Local Time Sat. June 27 15:30

Wondering what Hadhoud is doing right now... Or watching... Last night he checked online for all the films available on his flight :-)

Well, not really an update, but what can I do? I am just sitting there, doing absolutely nothing. Just wanting this day to end, 1:30am to finally be there, and Hadhoud to call me and tell me he arrived safely...

Update 2 ✮ Local Time Sat. June 27 19:00

The mild headache that hasn't left me since last night just officially turned into a freaking migraine! :-(

Update 3 ✮ Local Time Sat. June 27 20:00

A little less than six hours to go... I'm useless today! Did absolutely nothing! Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Except for counting the hours, obviously. Can't wait for that phone to finally ring!

Update 4 ✮ Local Time Sat. June 27 21:30

Loume finally finished work and is on his way home and because he's a good brother, he called to check if I wanted to go have lunch/dinner (he hasn't eaten all day). Somehow I managed to fight with him over absolutely nothing which was a change from all the fighting I've been doing against myself and agreed to get out of the house. I'm not really hungry, managed to everything sugary in my kitchen, and I could possibly throw up, but since I hate vomiting and I'm usually so scared of it I literally faint, I'll pass on the throwing up and go have dinner instead (Doesn't make sense? Who cares?) It will be good for me. Maybe these freaking hours will pass a little faster if I'm out, not staring at a stupid clock.

Waiting for Loume to get here.

Update 4 ✮ Local Time Sat. June 27 23:00

Just got back home. HAPPY! SOOO HAPPY! You guessed? Hadhoud called :-) I'm so happy! We were heading back to the car and he called at 22:45 to give me some news! Yes! Me so happy! Can't stop saying it! :-) He let me know he's fine, no back pain, enjoying a very comfy trip in his cabin; had a nap, watched movies and quite satisfied with the whole trip so far. Only set back: the flight will be a bit delayed because they had to stop in Canada (???!!!!) to drop off a lady who got sick during the trip. My heart dropped! Sick?! What kind of sick? Not the flu kind right? Well no, apparently, it's not swine flu. She has a condition or something and they had to take her to the hospital. They will take off again in about an hour which means that I won't hear from Hadhoud before 3am but that's OK. I'm glad I got some feedback now at least. Finally! ;-)

I will be posting this now. And if you're still interested, you can still come back here to get the remaining updates :-)

Update 5 ✮ Local Time Sun. June 28 01:30

It seems that I won't be able to stay up and update this in real time... They ended up taking off at about 1:00 which means that Hadhoud still has about three more hours to go before finally landing:

Hubby's message:
Sunday, June 28, 2009 12:41 AM
"Taking off in 5 mins will arrive to san fransisco in 2-3 hrs. Plz go to sleep.
Sent from Blackberry"

Update 6 ✮ Local Time Sun. June 28 09:00

Got an SMS from Hadhoud at 7:00 but didn't hear the phone. He mentioned he had finally arrived to the hotel and he would send me an email with the details. And so here it is below. THANK GOD THIS DAY IS OVER! (Don't even want to think about his trip back home :-P)

Hubby's last message:
Note: Hadhoud enjoys pronouncing California with an Arnold accent :-P so he made sure he kept all his authenticity in writing as well :-P

Sent: Sunday, June 28, 2009 8:49 AM
Subject: update from cali for nia

Yalo from Californiiiiia

I am sitting on the coach but I feel very dizzy…too tired and I need to go get some sleep. Today’s trip was cool but tiring. There was a lady who was very sick so we had to stop at Calgary-Canada and this added around 3 hours to the trip, total flying is 20. Anyway can’t nag a lot coz really the first class in this plane is a lifetime experience, pictures do not reflect the true luxury…really wow. [...] it’s a private suite with everything you can dream of, food is a la carte whatever you want whenever you want, Dom Perignon… the suite has a minibar and they even make your bed if you want…and give you pijamas… [...] Anyway when I reached SFO airport, as expected I was sent to another security check and this is the office where you can wait for hours. I was lucky, a very nice guy took me to the office and took all the details in less than 20 minutes he was extremely nice and he said that he cleared me from the system so hopefully next time I won’t need further checks he was also bragging that SFO airport are efficient and not like JFK where people spend hours, even in security they have competition :-) anyway everything was good after that, took the car (Mitsubishi eclipse) and drove to Monterey, 2 hours of driving ….finally got there…very tired. I got you some pictures from Plane, Calgary and SFO-California road. I will call you tomorrow when I wake up, probably your afternoon. Love you

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Friday, June 26, 2009

June 26: International Day in Support of Victims of Torture (and Farrah & MJ of course)


I am aware that last night the news of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson passing away turned the world upside down.

But I would really like to keep on posting the following as the very first piece of information on this post today:

International Day in Support of
Victims of Torture

That being said, I don't deny the huge impact of Farrah and MJ's deaths on people last night.

CNN completely changed its home page!
Twitter almost crashed last night. So did Google.
It's news, I get it.

The news of the favorite Angel who fought cancer for quite some time came as a sad expectation, but MJ's plans for a series of 50 comeback concerts made it a little bit more difficult for audiences (and media) to cope with his death.

In the midst of all the fans mourning their idol and others who wouldn't usually care about the King of Pop still finding a sudden affection for the fallen star, some (a few maybe) contemplated the global reaction and had another opinion on the subject. Whether you liked him or not, everyone had something to say about MJ's death, unsurprisingly of course. Someone on Facebook even compared yesterday's events to Lady Di and Mother Theresa dying on the same day. Not to sound like a bitch, and it's kind of disgusting to badmouth the dead, but come on, the comparison is a bit far fetched. What Mother Theresa and even Lady Di gave to the world in terms of humanitarian efforts does not compare. Anyway, we all make mistakes and if there is a God waiting for us in the afterlife, may he have mercy on us all and our souls rest in peace.

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009


English ✮ Français

Petite note concernant le billet de dimanche dernier: Surprise, Surprise :-)

Je viens de recevoir un lien sur Twitter qui explique beaucoup de choses!

Bon je n'avais pas inclus les détails de notre week-end à Fujairah donc je dois clarifier un peu. Une fois à l'hôtel nous remarquons une quantité incroyable de jeune filles, extrêmement belles, avec des corps de mannequins impeccables, et toute la démarche qui va avec! On a cru à une coïncidence au début (et les garçons se sont dit, quelle bonne idée ce Rotana, il attire toutes les belles filles!) mais un peu plus tard j'ai vu un petit panneau avec un programme affiché en russe (ou plutôt, j'ai cru que c'était russe parceque j'étais tombée sur un site de email russe en utilisant l'ordinateur du business center et mon intelligence Sherlockissime a tout analysé d'un coup et synthétiser et conclus comme ça, sur le champ! :-P). On s'est donc dit, c'est un groupe de touristes russes. Ou plutôt je me suis dit parceque hadhoud et halloum ont tout de suite sentit quelque chose de louche. Pourquoi est-ce que ce groupe de russes n'est composé que de filles, et d'une beauté incroyable en plus? Pourquoi pas des hommes? Pourquoi pas des filles avec un corps disons "normal" (on va pas aller aussi loin et dire moche, mais même pas une "normale"?) Puis ce même soir, en allant diner, on tombe sur ce beau groupe en train de s'entrainer sur une chorégraphie autour de la piscine et là, tout s'éclaircit: c'est un concours de beauté!

Mais maintenant, tout s'éclaircit encore plus! Il s'agit de Miss Foto Model Poland 2009! Si, si, je vous jure! LOL (donc pas russe, hein? tout le monde suit?)

En plus, je viens de lire qu'elles sont aussi restées à l'hôtel Media Rotana qui est à deux pas de chez nous (à pied)! Pauvres hadhoud et halloum n'en savaient rien! :-P LOL

Merci Twitter! :-)

Short note regarding Sunday's post: Surprise, Surprise :-)

I've just received a link on Twitter that explains a lot!

Since I hadn't included the details of our weekend at Fujairah, I have to clarify a bit. Once we got to the hotel. we noticed a large number of remarkably attractive young girls with impeccable bodies! We first thought it was a coincidence (and the guys were very pleased with themselves thinking that choosing this Rotana was an excellent idea!) but some time later, I noticed a program in Russian, posted on a board (or at least I assumed it was Russian because I had stumbled upon a Russian webmail when I used the computer at the business center and my incredibly Sherlockist intelligence connected the dots immediately! :-P). So we figured that's one good-looking group of Russian tourists. OK, I confess, I figured. hadhoud and halloum were too suspicious. Why would there be only girls in this group? Not only girls, but stunning, beautiful, gorgeous girls? Why not men? Why not "regular-looking" girls with "regular" bodies? (we won't go as far as using the word "ugly") Then, that same evening, as we walk towards the restaurant, we find these ladies practicing a choreography around the pool. And suddenly, everything is clear: it's a beauty contest!

But today, everything is even clearer! It's Miss Foto Model Poland 2009! Yes, yes, I swear! LOL (so not Russians, everyone's still following right?)

On top of that, I just read that they also stayed at the Media Rotana which is at walking distance from our home! Poor hadhoud and halloum didn't even know! :-P LOL

Merci Twitter! :-)

Foto Model Poland 2009 at Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa
Posted on: Wednesday June 24 , 2009 12:07:01 PM (GMT+4)

Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa – Al Aqah Beach recently hosted the Finale of the “Foto Models Poland” contest, where 20 contestants, aged 18-26, were competing for the title of “Miss Foto Models Poland 2009”. The title will offer the winner the chance to participate in international contests like “Queen of the World”, “Miss International”, “Queen of Europe” and “Miss Earth”, as well as to participate in commercials and photo sessions for prestigious magazines in different parts of the world.

Mrad El Khoury, General Manager of Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa stated: “It was a pleasure to host this contest in Fujairah and especially to expose Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa to such a high-standard of international events. We are looking forward to host similar events in the future and to make Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa the hub of fashion and trendy events in the Northern Emirates.”

The contestants started their experience in the UAE at Media Rotana – Dubai, where they took advantage of the diverse facilities on offer. “We are glad to support and sponsor the Foto Models Poland 2009. The Media Rotana welcomed all the models offering them a superior guest experience. Exquisite food and beverage outlets and outstanding service coupled with the very latest communication technology which underline the general concept of Media Rotana made it the ideal place to serve the Foto Model Poland!” said Mustafa Ainen; General Manager.

The Models spent the rest of their stay preceding the ceremony to enjoy the spa, restaurants, pool, beach, water-sports activities and various leisure facilities of Fujairah Rotana Resort & Spa.

The ceremony, which lit up the Fujairah skies, was held in the garden among beautifully lighted palm trees and attended by local authorities, Mr. Saeed bin Saeed Al Sharqi; Chairman of Fujairah Tourism Bureau and Mr. Hassan Al Yamahy; Director of Dibba Al Fujairah Municipality as well as celebrities from the Polish fashion world and famous Polish vocalists Izabela Kopeć. The glamorous contestants presented themselves in choreographed performances wearing wedding dresses, sports costumes, beach wear, swimming suits and evening dresses. Previous Finales of the contest took place in Turkey, Greece, Tunisia, Spain and Egypt and were all broadcast by Polsat television.

International Day in Support of
Victims of Torture

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From Facebook Notes

I just read the article below and although it's information we all already know, it seems it's not being said enough.

Shisha, like cigarettes is pure peer-pressure. It's stupid. Everyone knows it. And yet, people still feel they look cool or whatever if they've got a hose hanging from their lips.

It's not to look cool? My mistake. Well it's certainly not to relax either. If others can relax drug-free, so can you.

Ah, it's not to relax iether, it's because you enjoy the taste? Eat a real fruit for God's sake! And not one, even two apples if you must. Just don't inhale the damn thing!

When Dubai started the whole smoking ban in public places thing, many people began to complain (including my hubby who then got over it and is now nicotine-free from almost two years, yey hubby!) and smokers accused the government of discriminating against them! Yes! Discrimination! My heart breaks at their pain! They felt hurt that because they're smokers they are now marginalized and looked upon as "bad". Tears are falling from my eyes as I type this.

Well, too bad.

The only way to get rid of this social disease is to simply be tough and as inflexible and uncompromising as we possible can.

Make it as hard as possible for people to smoke.
Use peer-pressure for a good cause for once.

I really find it horrifying (and quite ridiculous) how despite the fact that everyone is aware of the dangers of smoking, people still find it acceptable to smoke.


IT IS ACTUALLY CRAZY, and to say the least disgusting.

Oh, and yes, shisha IS smoking.

And please don't pull the "I'm not addicted, I can stop any time I like" line because if you could, you would.


I won't go over all the diseases, people seem to think they can only happen to others. I will just say that when you go out to have some fun, you don't want to come home at night smelling like shit. And regardless of what you smoke (and the very sexy flavors available) you'll come back home smelling like shit (and so will your friends). Also, if the flavors are sexy, that doesn't mean that a huge cloud of smoke getting out of your mouth (and nose) is sexy too. Smoking makes you look as bad as it makes you smell.

Kindly allow me to reiterate: Thick, gray fumes getting out of a person's face are never, under any circumstance a pretty sight.

And please don't preach me about democracy, liberties and freedom!


In other words, if you want to smoke, die of a horrible disease and smell like crap, knock yourself out! Just do it where you don't bother anyone. In specifically designated smoking zones. These areas allow you to enjoy your stuff and protects others, so when I see one of these designated areas, I know to stay away. Just like it's OK for nudist to enjoy their nude beaching experience. As long as they don't force it on others. Which is why they have designated locations and people who don't want to see other people naked can avoid these locations.

This is freedom : where everyone's needs and concerns are respected.


You think that shisha’s safer than cigarettes? It might be time to think again

Imagine lying in a hospital bed paralysed. You cannot breathe and your legs – including your gangrenous toes – have been removed, all because the arteries that carry blood to them have become blocked. In case you’re wondering, you’re suffering from Peripheral Vascular Disease (PVD), a condition you’re two and a half times more likely to contract if you’re a smoker.

Of course, PVD isn’t the only potentially lethal condition that smokers are more likely to develop than non smokers. According to the World Health Organization, every eight seconds someone dies from a smoking-related disease. ‘Of course you die younger,’ Dr John Callaghan, chief medical officer at the General Medical Clinic in Jumeirah, says.

‘If you take identical twins, and one starts smoking at 20 and the other doesn’t, then the smoker pops his clogs up to 10 years before the other guy, all things being equal.’ The prospect of taking 10 years off your life (not to mention the increased risk of contracting a crippling disease), of course, should provide ample incentive for anyone to stay off the fags. However, here in Dubai it isn’t just smoking cigarettes that offer dangerous temptation to both the smoker and non-smoker alike.

For some reason – perhaps its deep cultural roots and its sociability – here in Dubai and elsewhere in the Arab world shisha has an air (or should that be a cloud) of respectability that the humble cigarette would, er, kill for. This perception and its sweet smell may even have persuaded some that it’s a safer option. Indeed, while non-smokers might never consider picking up a Marlboro, they may be tempted to try a puff on the ornate water pipes that you can find all over this city, as our young interviewees bear witness.

‘Shisha is worse (in comparison to cigarettes) because in the shisha there’s no filter and you inhale more of the impurities with each breath,’ Dr Sabina Aidarous, of the Imperial Healthcare Institute tells us, firmly stubbing out the notion that it is safer.

‘People tend to justify smoking shisha saying it bubbles through water and therefore isn’t as harmful,’ Dr Callaghan says. ‘Bubbling of the water just reduces the temperature a little bit.’ And Dr Sabina warns that there are hidden dangers, too. ‘They are still getting addicted to the nicotine in the shisha. We have an indication of how much nicotine there is in cigarettes, but in shisha we don’t really know how much nicotine there is because it’s so unregulated,’ she says. ‘It’s interesting, because the water that the shisha bubbles through makes it worse, because the water, combined with the humidity, makes the smoke from the shisha stay in your lungs longer.’

Time Out Dubai
22 June 2009

JUNE 26 :
International Day in Support of
Victims of Torture

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

La nature humaine

English ✮ Français

En un mot: Effrayante

Et je me demande pourquoi en dépit de tout mon pessimisme, c'est à chaque fois avec de gros yeux que je découvre de nouvelles histoires, plus répugnantes les unes que les autres! Ma naïveté m'étonne moi-même.

Il y a de çà seulement deux semaines à peu près, je suis tombée sur un très bon (comme d'habitude) billet par Mam'zelle Scarlett: Quand internet se met à harceler. L'auteur commence par expliquer le background de l'article "Une gamine américaine qui s’est suicidée après avoir été insultée, vannée sur son physique, bref harcelée sur internet. Elle a vécu cela comme une véritable humiliation puisque ça a fait le tour de son collège. [...] Sans que ce soit sans commune mesure, je me demande parfois si les blogs ne relaient pas certains jugements sur d’autres blogueurs qui pourraient s’apparenter à une forme de lapidation virtuelle."

Pourquoi est-ce que je me rappelle ce billet maintenant?

Ce matin je suis passée par Twitter et j'y ai trouvé un lien qui m'a intriguée: Google in court in Italy.

Au début, j'ai cru que ça devait être encore un truc financier, genre Louis Vuitton qui porte plainte contre Google parceque quand on recherche le mot "Vuitton" on se retrouve avec des liens conduisant à des sites de contrefaçon.

Mais non, cette fois, comme l'explique Steve Vaile, il s'agit d'une affaire de protection de la vie privée. Et de bizutage.

Cette fois, l'humiliation s'est produite non seulement dans le monde virtuel, mais aussi dans le monde réel. Une bande de crétins ont trouvé hilarant de torturer un garçon trisomique! Mais ça ne s'arrête pas là bien entendu. Parcequ'ils sont bien fiers de leur idées géniales, ils filment la séance de bizutage... Non, non, c'est pas finit... Et ils postent la vidéo sur Google. Apparemment, une plainte a été déposée auprès des administrateurs qui ont immédiatement retiré la vidéo en moins de 24 heures. Google se retrouve néanmoins devant la justice.

Je ne vais pas débattre ce sujet mais si vous êtes intéressés, les réponses que j'ai postée sur les deux articles sont ici-bas, en bleu.

Ce que je trouve à la fois triste et inquiétant c'est qu'à chaque fois que l'humanité progresse et de nouvelles découvertes semblent nous mener vers une vie de meilleure qualité, ces mêmes découvertes sont immédiatement transformées en outils de menace.

Aujourd'hui, il est complètement inconcevable de s'imaginer notre vie sans Internet. Les bénéfices sont incontestables.

Mais c'est déjà avec beaucoup de difficultés que la justice, les libertés, les lois et les droits les plus fondamentaux sont protégés, mis en œuvre et accomplis. Alors ajoutons à tout ce petit monde réel, un petit monde virtuel tout aussi vaste, si ce n'est plus. Notre génération ,et probablement celles à venir, a du pain sur la planche.

J’avais vu une émission il y a pas longtemps sur le bizutage virtuel. J’ai été choquée par ce que ces adolescents ont fait et par les arguments qu’ils tiennent pour se justifier! Avant les plus faibles craignaient les cours de récré, mais une fois chez eux, ils étaient en sécurité. Maintenant, il n’y a même plus où se cacher!

J’ai été témoin de quelque chose de similaire sur Facebook récemment. Une copine à moi, militante politique en toute transparence et qui a investit tous ses efforts, Facebook inclus, lors de nos dernières élections (hier) est membre d’un certain parti politique. Ses “status” sur Facebook se sont transformés en campagnes électorales et bon, en général tous ses “amis virtuels” savent d’où elle vient et ce qu’elle pense. Et après tout, elle est sur son propre site et elle est libre d’y écrire ce qu’elle veut. Jusqu’au jour où, grand sacrilège, elle écrit qu’elle n’est pas d’accord avec le leader de son parti en ce qui concerne une décision qu’il a prise (rien de grave, elle compte toujours voter pour lui, mais elle a eu le malheur de donner son avis sur un truc banal) et là, tous ces soit-disant “amis” se sont jetés sur elle comme un lion sur une antilope. Moche la comparaison? Et bein la réalité était pire. Elle a été traitée de traitresse et de je ne sais quelles autres conneries, des étalages d’insultes sur son propre profil! Et le pire c’est qu’elle comptait toujours voter pour le même parti (et c’est ce qu’elle a fait d’ailleurs)!

Moi aussi il m’arrivent de lire des choses qui ne me plaisent pas, mais ma devise c’est: si tu n’as rien de bien ou de neutre (au minimum) à dire, tais-toi quand tu n’es pas chez toi.

Après tout, commenter c’est facultatif.

(c’est aussi un privilège que l’auteur te donne, alors, un peu de respect en retour ne tue personne)

En d’autres termes, oui, donne tes idées honnêtement sur ton site/profil/etc. mais quand tu es chez les autres, respecte-les comme tu voudrais qu’ils te respectent.

Moi aussi parfois je lis des choses qui me donnent envie de gueuler des sauvageries! On a tous des réactions un peu extrêmes parfois face à certains propos. C’est humain. Il faut juste savoir se retenir. C’est aussi et surtout ça être humain.

Ça ne sert à rien d’aller salir les sites des autres avec de la pure méchanceté. Tu n’aimes pas ce que tu lis, clique ailleurs.

Et si tu cherches juste à te battre, tu peux toujours aller sur un forum et débattre autant que tu veux. Il y a des plateformes juste pour ça. Mais sur les sites privés, respecte les gens que tu visitent.

Privacy issues are very important, especially nowadays with all the new means available to all, allowing virtually anyone to break boundaries of decency.

However, I think that the problem here is not privacy.

It is bullying.

Did the fact that potentially millions saw the bullying make this whole experience more harmful? (in this case the video was removed almost immediately assuming millions viewed it could be far fetched, although popular videos spread like the flu! Anyway)...

Does that mean if the bullying was not recorded and shared on Google, it would have been less harmful?

I don't think so. Bullying is as damaging even if it's only known to the bully and the victim.

Public humiliation may add insult to injury, yes, but the real problem, the real crime is the bullying. Whether it is done face to face or online is irrelevant. Just like schools cannot always keep an eye on what's happening in their hallways, Google cannot keep track of every video (or other) posted. Just like in schools, when there's a complaint, actions are taken. And in this case Google acted promptly. Actually they should be thanking Google for revealing the bullies.

Technologies are nothing but carriers. It's people who make the crimes. Nobody would think of suing a knife manufacturer just because someone would have used their product to kill. I've been reading a lot about teenagers bullied on blogs and social networks, and even about one girl who committed suicide after being humiliated online. Apparently she received a large number of insults on her own blog and was so hurt she couldn't take all the cruelty.

Privacy regulations are stated very clearly on all social media sites. When these rules are broken, measures are taken. This is justice.

(I only wish that the bullies being punished would serve as a lesson and would actually deter others from recording and posting such videos, but it would be too good to be true, right? One can only hope that administrators of such sites act promptly and severely... As for hoping that all people exercise some sort of decency - and compassion - and refrain from bullying altogether, well that would be utopia...)

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Second Child :-)

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Lizzie fait de l'auto-stop

English ✮ Français

On dinait avec une copine aujourd'hui et on avait garé la voiture dans un parking sous-terrain. Sur le chemin du retour, on se retrouve nez à nez avec un lézard en plein milieu du pare-brise! On l'avait pas vu! Il était surement caché entre les essuie-glaces.

C'était Lizzie qui faisait de l'auto-stop! :-P

Le pire c'est qu'on ne pouvait plus nous arrêter pour essayer de convaincre notre nouveau passager de prendre le bus, ou n'importe quel autre moyen de transport moins suicidaire... Mais Lizzie s'en fiche! Il se promène sur le pare-brise et puis finalement, décide de finir le trajet sur le toit!!

We were having dinner with a friend tonight and we had parked the car in an underground parking. On our way back home we find ourselves face to face with a lizard right in the middle of the windscreen! We hadn’t seen it when we first got in the car, it was probably hiding under the wipers.

It was Lizzie who was hitchhiking! :-P

It was horrible because we couldn’t even stop anymore and try to convince our new passenger to take the bus, or any other means of transportation a little less suicidal… But Lizzie doesn’t give a damn! He walks around the windscreen and finally decides to finish the trip on the car rooftop!!

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